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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

99¢ New Release From Bestselling Author Natalie Barnes

Beautifully Chaotic
Natalie Barnes

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#BeautifullyChaotic by Natalie Barnes-Author | @AuthorNatBarnes is now live and just 99¢!!!!

Make sure to grab your copy today!

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✦ Synopsis ✦
When he was there,My soul finally breathed its air. My steps became lighter,My heart beat faster.Having my spirit dance,Along the broken edges,That would be soon,Deemed our last chance...Begging to hold,He must have thought I was,A part of that mold.Only breaking free,Now caused this suffering…

Disclaimer: This tale runs light on the heart but deep in the veins. It touches over certain topics that some will refrain. Not all because of choice, but possibly close. I advise that you consider these words not a hoax. Wherever there is dark, light always shines.So even when doubt, swallows,Know that this tale is about what follows… Disgusting, repulsive actions will show, But the love of others will soften that blow. This tale is light and dark. Consider my words warning and privilege from the heart. For this is Caleb’s and Katie’s tale, And no matter what evil occurs, Love will prevail…

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