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I love to read! A series of wonderful consequences led me to a job as a Business Liaison for a small publishing company where I learned a lot. I started my own Marketing and Promotions company. We have a successful Facebook following (over 5800), and work with several indie authors as PA's. I love most genres of books, romance, contemporary romance, rockstar romance (my favorite), romantic suspense, thrillers, and even some non-fiction. 

I am married, have one son in college, and offer a home to many fur babies....two new puppies, two cats, three hamsters, six lovebirds and a 75 gallon aquarium of tropical fish.

We have recently added some wonderful dedicated reviewers to our team: 


I am a disabled, retired person who escapes as an avid reader, all fiction genres, MC, PNR, Shifters, Romance, especially Uniforms, Security type. I'm a great-grandma of three and very family-oriented.


I am a complete and utter book addict, I eat sleep and breathe fictional characters…I don’t discriminate genres I love them all… Authors are my Rock Stars! I’ve always been an avid reader then life took over and I didn’t really have the time, that is until a certain Lord of the Manor jump started my reading passion again, since then I haven’t been without my kindle. Reading is my escape and I love nothing more than getting lost amongst their pages.


I am a avid reader, who runs a blog by myself to help promote any authors anyway I can. 

I enjoy all genres, I have not found one I do not like. I came to learn about the writing world, and the many authors you can now find in Ebooks, through doing a writing course with an editor. Then learning to be a Proofreader from same editor. 

My favourite genres range from paranormal, romance, MC books and dark. I spend my free time reading all books I can find, and watching all my favourite shows when not working or reading books I found through Words Turn Me On.