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Friday, May 31, 2019

πŸ’• SALE--Free Book πŸ’•

If you haven’t experienced London and LoΓ―c’s journey in The Flawed Heart Series, now is the perfect time to start! For a limited time, the first book—Finding London—is free on all platforms.  
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Leni Turner
I learned very young that love had the power to destroy us and vowed never to lose myself to love another. I escaped Texas and broke his heart to save myself. Five years later, my dreams shattered, I’m on a bus, back to the place I never wanted to be.

Liam Moore
After years without contact, I find her green eyes staring back at me, and I realize how much I’ve missed her. She doesn’t want me in her life, but I don’t know how I’ll make it without her in mine.

Sometimes, the thing you’re most scared of has the power to save you in the end.

✫A Standalone Novel✫

JUNE 18, 2019

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COVER by Cassy Roop at Pink Ink Designs <3

Getting Played Teaser - Coming in 10 Days

The audiobook release of GETTING PLAYED (narrated by Andi Arndt & Zachary Webber) is only ten days away!!  Here's a teaser from this sexy, fun, endearing rom-com!

He’s even better-looking up close—his eyes are cerulean with flecks of green and gold. Ocean-blue eyes.
    “I’m Dean.”
    It’s a good name. A player’s name—a hot guy’s name. It fits him.
    I feel myself smile, a little giddily, a lot turned on.
    “Hi. I’m—”
    “Beautiful.” He says it intensely. Like he means it. “You’re really fucking beautiful.”
    And just like that I’m a puddle on the floor. Sold. Gone. Done. 
    It’s not that I’m easy—it’s that Dean, the ocean-eyed drummer, is just that good.

Audio-first coming June 11th!
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Ebook & Print Coming October 8th!
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Dean Walker is all about keeping life simple. He's effortlessly talented and intelligent - spending his summers playing drums in the local band and the rest of the year teaching high school in the same Jersey town where he grew up. He likes his love life simple too, enjoying the commitment-free hook-ups his good looks and sexy charm have always made oh so easy.
Then he meets Lainey Burrows. And his simple, easy life gets turned upside down.
One wild one-night stand was all it was ever supposed to be, so Lainey is shocked when she discovers that her sizzling summer fling is also her son's new math teacher. But that's nothing compared to the most unexpected twist of all - their hot hook-up left Lainey knocked up, and now they're about to become parents. Together.
What ensues is an addictive, insatiable, sweet and tender romance that won't be simple, but it will be more than worth the fight.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Juliet Braddock Smitten Sale

Bestselling author Juliet Braddock was awarded the top prize for Erotica with her BDSM romp, SMITTEN in the 2019 National Indie Excellence® Book Awards. To celebrate, readers can pick up SMITTEN for half-off for a limited time. This is the only time this book has been on sale!

Comedy and kink blend seamlessly against a breathtaking background of Paris and Provence. January Gallimore has arrived at a crossroad in life. Aside from a short-lived scandal that made her the darling of the BDSM lifestyle, she’s America’s Sweetheart, of sorts. She built a career starring in romantic comedies, but she can’t seem to figure out her own love life. Will she choose the older Frenchman who makes her body sizzle…or the younger Englishman whose charms leave her SMITTEN?


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Cover Reveal ~ HR Mason's Nothing Hidden

Author: HR Mason
Title: Nothing Hidden Ever Stays
Genre: Gothic Suspense/Supernatural
Release Date: October 29, 2019
Cover Designer: BookSmith Design

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 Now available for preorder! 

A two-hundred-year-old curse. A tangled thread of mental illness. A growing list of Ross family women dying young. The house where it all began, Desolate Ridge, holds all the secrets. 

Abandoned at a hospital when she was only three years old, Aubrey Ross grew up as a ward of the state, passed from one foster family to the next. Having endured years of abuse and neglect, she’s become hardened to the world around her. 

She’s flirted with depression and anxiety, and she’s haunted by premonitions. When a strange man approaches Aubrey with information about her past, she knows her life is about to change. Inside the envelope is the deed to a house in Ohio—her ancestral home. 

When Aubrey arrives in Rossdale, the town named after her family, she immediately experiences situations she cannot explain. She hears voices, sees apparitions, and has vivid visions of tragedies she can scarcely comprehend. Aubrey comes to realize she is reliving events which have happened to those who came before her. 

Then she meets Hank Metzger, the town’s sheriff, whose family has an eerie connection to her own. As the secrets of Desolate Ridge are unearthed, Aubrey begins to understand her destiny is tied to Hank’s in a way she cannot escape.

 Now available for preorder!

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Heidi Renee Mason is an Ohio girl transplanted into the Pacific Northwest. She is a homeschooling mom of three daughters, wife of one mailman, and a people-watching introvert who can be found hiding in the nearest corner.


RELEASE BLITZ - Balance by K E Osborn

Title: Balance
Series: Chicago Defiance MC #6
Author: K E Osborn
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 29, 2019


Opposites attract.

That’s how movies tell the tale.
My lifestyle—not for the faint of heart.
My oath—to protect the brothers I’ve come to call family.
This life isn’t for everyone.
Especially those in the spotlight.
Meeting a Hollywood A-lister isn’t on my bucket list, and falling for one does not suit my plans.
But a biker who hides in the shadows and an actress bathed in neon lights, calls for disaster.
This story isn’t only about finding stability—it’s friendship, conflict, deception and slaughter.
Death—it’s coming.
Will we find the right balance?

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“No, Neve, these guys are from my clubhouse. They’ve come to check in on me. Say hello, everyone,” Cindi calls out.
Neve. What a gorgeous name. Her eyes light up as she assesses me again.
“These are the kinds of bikers in your clubhouse? No wonder you were telling me they’re all gorgeous. I mean look at muscles here.”
She points at Noah, then her eyes wander back to me.
“And man bun… wow! Certainly not how I pictured macho bikers.”
I scrunch my face. “You don’t think we’re biker enough for you, darlin’?” I ask.
Her lips pull in tight, but the edges curl upward giving her away as she folds her arms over her chest, the papers making a crinkling sound.
“I think your hair is far too pretty to convey a murderous one percenter.”
I let out a small laugh. “How do you know what a one percenter is?”
She shrugs. “I saw Sons of Anarchy.”
I raise my brow. “And did you think Jax was a badass?”
She hesitates, but her lips turn up. Her pearly whites dazzle me like the stars do after the dimness of dusk. In this moment right here, I have to stop and admire her true beauty.
“Yeah… he had his moments.”
I’m snapped out of her spell and brought back into the moment, so I make my point.
“And didn’t he and his badass-self have long, pretty hair, too?”
Noah howls like a damn hyena as Cindi gives me a double thumbs up.
Neve tilts her head. “TouchΓ©, Tarzan.”


One more great MC read. "Not your typical MC story." So says another reviewer. True. Geeky biker, okay, not so unique. A top movie star with a geeky biker--that one is unique. So is this story.

Ace is missing his friend, Cindy, a club girl who got a part in a movie being filmed in Chicago. Defiance takes care of their family and when Ace goes to check on his friend he meets Neve. Sparks--yeah. She's not a stuck up and finds him so different than she expected. Just like he finds her. The fact that he has no idea about her career and movies is both different and good. She can be just herself and enjoy the guy who surprisingly has things in common with her.

Because he likes her a lot, and because there may just be some shadowy stuff going on, he gets to check out Cindy's safety and see Neve at the same time. Is he going to be her protector as well? Can they find a life together? Or will another danger to the club and their family make it impossible?

This one is just as good as the rest of the series. While this is a story of the couple the club members again play a big part of the story and it will be helpful to read the series--plus each and every story is a great read. A strong recommendation from me.

Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind.

Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh, cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines. She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn’t consider doing anything else.

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