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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Awakening by Laura Greenwood

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Laura Greenwood
Nov 2nd - Nov 8th

Take a journey to analternate world where not everything is what it seems.

In an effort to have a child, the Queen makes a deal with the Dark King, butshe soon discovers that the deal has dire consequences for her beloved SleepingBeauty. In an effort to help, the Queen’s mother alters the curse so that Keirawill sleep for 100 years, but there is a catch; if Keira awakens before thenshe may still be doomed.

After sleeping for over 90 years, Keira is awoken by Philip, the son of theDark King and the one she was intended for. Despite sharing his father'sbloodline, Philip refuses to be like his father and won't make Keira doanything that she isn't ready for.

Supported by a powerful witch and her brother, Hansel and Gretel, Philip andKeira have to make a choice, one that will define Keira's destiny. Changingtheir lives forever.

"Awakening is definitely unique, a little like Robert Coover's"Stepmother" meets Twilight meets E. L. James meets Schrek -- andthis crazy combination is amazing" - AmazonReviewer

"Laura is not afraid to break the bonds of this traditional story and pushit to new limits..." - Aspiring Joy

"Author Laura Greenwood writes with an innocence that is reminiscent ofchildren's stories but with a more grown up plot."  -Mommsez...

"This put the Grimm back into Fairytales, this is no Disney remake! Thisis a mash-up of Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretal and even a dash ofRumpelstiltskin in the shape of the Dark King who wants the first born." - AmazonReviewer

"This book was easy-to-read and cute. The awakening part was quite steamy,and I enjoyed the characters. The combination of fairy tales characters such asHansel and Gretel was a nice surprise and helped add substance to the story.The drinking scene with Keira, Phillip, Hansel and Gretel was wicked andexciting." - AmazonReviewer

Laura is an avid readerand runs a book blog at trips downimagination road, and having always played around with the ideaof writing a book, she now has, and has several more in the works!

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