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Monday, September 28, 2015

Little Pink Book, Tom Grant


"Tom Grant is going against the grain of traditional Erotica by blazing his own trail with the release of his first publication called, “The Little Pink Book”.  A collection of vividly sensual and erotic short stories, this book delivers a truly unique reading experience where YOU (the Reader) are the focal point of each stimulating story.  Tom Grant’s writing style is very different and probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  This is the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come from this new author who is committed to igniting the senses of women all around the world!

Author Bio:
I am a passionate man who believes a woman should never be taken for granted. I believe a woman’s true beauty lies within and not just skin deep. I believe every woman should be in touch with her “sensual side”. I’ve always loved sharing stories with people and have always had a passion for expressing my thoughts and feelings in writing. When I tell a story, I tell it with great detail. I try to paint a picture with my words in such a way that it enables the reader to feel as if they were actually there. I hope the people who read my stories really enjoy them and tell their friends about them so I can continue writing for a very long time.

Social Media sites:

Twitter: @TomGrant2015

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