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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Deliverance by AJ Adams

By AJ Adams
Action, adventure and romance
130,000 words
Self-standing novel
Price US$3.99

“I’m sending you a girl.”
“She needs sorting
out. I’m talking
Exit Strategy.”
Exit Strategy. That’s what we call
deprogramming these days. You might call it brainwashing. It’s one of my
skills. Give me a man whose idea of heaven is a suicide vest, and I can turn
him into a peace loving hippy wannabe.
“She’s a white widow?”
“No. Human trafficking victim turned sex slave and mule. She’s a fucking mess.”
Christ, poor little bint. Now I knew why Suarez was calling me.

Colonel Rory
"Mac" Mackenzie, covert operations expert, is all
set for an undercover job when an old friend lands him with
Pepper, a human trafficking victim of a Moroccan-Turkish crime syndicate.
Unable to turn her away, Mac now has two missions: to infiltrate a terrorist
training camp in the Sahara and to become a Master for Pepper.

  Warning: contains graphic violence and sex.
Mac is a war hero turned mercenary turned undercover agent posing as a mercenary to take out a terrorist threat.

“My Sir just went pow-pow-pow and then it was over.”

Pepper has been a sex slave for as long as she can remember. Her first memories are of her pedophile master, who eventually turned her over to a brothel when she got too old for him. From there, she was trained as a sex slave slash drug mule and loaned out to horrible men all over the world. So programed to serve the desires of these men, she has no opinion on anything.  

 This book was SO FECKIN’ GOOD!!!!  Wowza, wowza, wowza! This book is about so much more than a broken woman who needs help. Mac is brilliant at what he does, as I read the book I was gob-smacked at the way he thinks and plans. Makes me wonder about the military, but honestly, I don’t want to know! Pepper is so horribly broken when she gets to Mac and with everything else he has going on, it’s a wonder he doesn’t break. Anyway, this book has it all, healing, strong people, 10 different languages (keep the glossary at the beginning handy). It is just phrases here and there, but know what insults are being thrown around is nice. Humor, gore and sex, hot, steamy sex. Basically, if you like darkish, yet wonderful reads I highly recommend this book. 5 stars with 4 hands down the pants!!

~Bookaholic Mama

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About The Author

AJ Adams is a Scottish-Dutch author currently living in Malaysia. In her regular life she has been a columnist and feature writer for the last 20 years or so, selling over 3000 articles in more than 20 countries. She's currently finishing a Masters in Counseling because having one life seems too tame. She loves cats and cooking and hates traffic jams and doing paperwork.

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