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Monday, July 25, 2016

Blog Tour: Shattered Faith: Carson by Jacqueline M. Sinclair

Blog Tour:
Shattered Faith: Carson
Jacqueline M. Sinclair
Jul 25th - Aug 1st

Shattered Faith: Carson
Steele Standing Series

Every wound leaves a scar. Some wounds cut you so deep you’re never the same again.
Abby Jones thought she’d mended. She’d moved away, went back to school and got herself a job she loved. Now she’s getting married and life couldn’t be better.
Then tragedy strikes and rips those old wounds wide open.
Carson Steele had never been a man that settled for anything, and he wasn’t about to start now. Abby’s little change of heart was a problem, but she was going to marry him. He’d give her time and he would give her space, but come hell or high water, if Abby survived this, she would be his.


So we finally get Carson's story. And I couldn't think of a better way for their story to come out. I couldn't put it down from page one. I had to know more about Carson and Abby, after meeting them briefly in Trinity and Merrick's story. 

We meet Carson, he is son of William and Margaret Steele. He is a paramedic and works hectic hours and doesn't get to see his family often. He likes to play the ladies, and known as a flirt like the rest of the family. He didn't think he would ever settle down, until he had to do a shift with the new paramedic Abby. 

We meet Abby, she become a paramedic through her dark secret and past. She didn't believe she could have a relationship. And didn't think she would ever catch Carson's eye, as he is known for loving and leaving women and known as a big flirt. They work together on shifts together until Randy goes onto retirement.
What is Abby's secret? Will Carson stop being a flirt and settle down?

This story had me in tears and made me laugh. It was really well written, you couldn't help but want to know more and not put it down. Reviewed for WTMO. I recommend this series.

Renegade (Steele Standing Prequel)

Mercy Denied: Trinity

I’ve spent my entire 41 years trying to become a well-rounded individual. I came to love writing in middle school but never thought of becoming a writer until now. So, I spend my weekdays posing as an exemplary leader, and my nights and weekends exploring my creative side.

Why erotica? Because I spent 4 years working at an adult store, watching people seek to fulfill their desires. From the rich and famous, to those who spent their rent money on the newest release. Ultimately I realized they were people just like me…or I was just like them…only with free rentals and a generous discount! I learned that everyone walks on the wild side…though what is wild for me is tame for someone else. That’s something to be appreciated. Secretly, we all let our thoughts stray as we go about our life. Some of us act on them, some of us hide from them. Some we share with our friends, some we keep to ourselves, but they are there.

Aside from opening up and putting my naughty thoughts on ‘paper’ I enjoy music of all genres, being outdoors, and live theatre. I love animals and people, I detest conceited people and those who lack compassion. Mostly I’m just trying to experience life. I want to LIVE, not just live:)


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