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Friday, March 25, 2016

Hell Bent by Katheryn Kiden



Parties, graduation, and having the time of your life is what it’s supposed to be like when you turn eighteen, Unless you’re Isabelle Irons. For Izzy, her eighteenth birthday came with an apartment with her best friend, the stresses of running a recording company, and the biggest lie of her life. In one moment her very identity was stripped away. Everything she knew about herself was based on a lie, and those she trusted most were in fact, the keepers of that lie. 

For years Bennett Price been building up a persona. A false face to show to his fans and the world, but it’s time to shed the facade and reveal what lies beneath. When he finally takes the chance on making his life his own, the changes may bring him more than he bargained for. 

After a chance meeting in the most awkward of circumstances, on the worst night of her life, could they possibly find each other? 

Izzy may be hell bent on her own destruction, but Bennett is hell bent on making her his.


This is the first Katheryn Kiden book I've read, but it won't be my last! This was a great, emotionally gripping story from start to finish.

Isabelle "Izzy" Irons is a mess, just turned 18, she should be happy starting out her adult life; she is anything but. Since her father died, every year she gets a video he recorded for her to watch on her birthdays. This year's video was a huge surprise for her which throws her into a downward spiral. Her night of trying to erase and forget everything doesn't help in the long run.

"Hey, birthday girl, the guy mutters, pulling his other hand away from his face and pinning me with his intense stare. There's something ridiculously familiar about him, but in my post-drunken haze, I can't put my finger on it. "Whatever got you to this point tonight, don't let it define you...." 

Izzy's first professional meeting with Bennett Price is rocky. His cocky demeanor towards her and the fact that she is representing her firm, Iron Sound Records, makes you think he's anything but a nice guy, but Izzy holds her own with him.

"I was told that I would be meeting with a head of the label. Instead, they send, what, an intern? Assistant? You're like twelve; what the hell can you do for me?" 

"No offense, Izzy, but you've probably been in this business for about half a minute, and I don't plan on putting my future in the hands of a teeny-bopper playing dress-up as a CEO because she doesn't have the talent to get up on stage." 

At that point, I was thinking he's a total jerk, but OMG, I was so wrong. The spark ignites between these two as the story progresses and you can't help but fall in love with Bennett. He's trying to remake his career and in the life that is Izzy's emotional rollercoaster, Bennet is her rock.

As usual, without even actually trying, he makes me feel better. With one simple thought, he took all the stress that was starting to weigh me down by simply thinking about everything I had to do and tossed it out the window. 

Without giving anymore of the story away, I will say that there are so many ups and downs, I was glued to my kindle. At times, my heart broke for Izzy, and for Bennett on how Izzy dealt with her circumstances which involved him. She had so many struggles in her life and just when things were going well, something else pops up that derailed her. The book is written in dual POV's from both Bennett and Izzy. While I found Izzy to be an emotional train-wreck and rightfully so, Bennett was a grounding force.

I loved all these secondary characters as well. It is a well written story, the characters were solid and lovable. I highly recommend this story, you won't be disappointed! I look forward to more stories from this talented author.

"...Let yourself feel something other than pain. If you get your heart broken down the road, you get your heart broken. But you deserve to be happy. Someone should be. You've already let him in, let him love you too." 

ARC received in exchange for my honest review.

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Katheryn was born in Maine and raised in Maine. Growing up, she was the only girl out of five children. Out of four loving, but hard-assed, brothers she has been set on fire TWICE, shot at, left her with a burning car and a five gallon container of gas, scared out of her mind every time they got behind the wheel, and has enough hilarious stories and amazing memories to fill a million books. It made her independent and every female character she writes reflects strength and independence.

Katheryn books are full of page turning suspense, humor, and enough steam to overheat your e-reader.

"There are no weak women, just weak moments."


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