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Sunday, June 10, 2018

New Release: Xander: Part 2, The Present

New Release! Xander: Part 2, The Present by Anne Mercier @anne_mercier_ @rrrpromotion @readreviewrpt

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: Rockstar, Book 14

It's ten years later, and we're still living separate lives. While I know she isn't comfortable with my lifestyle after everything she’s been through, I can't be without her anymore.

I need her.

She's my wife.

She's my heartbeat.

She's my every breath.

She's my everything.

I want to know every detail of her life. I want to be part of it all. I want to work as hard to get there as she did to get here. 

She's always been my girl—even at the age of eight. As I face her now, there's no doubt she'll be mine until I draw my last breath. 

It's time for our forever to begin.

NOTE: You must read Xander: Part 1, The Beginning, before reading Part 2.


Rockstar Book 12

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