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Friday, June 22, 2018

Cover Reveal: Runaway Love by Colbie Kay

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Model: Gigi Hoggard
Photographer: Gigi Photography Studios: Boudoir and Models
Cover Design: Tracie - Dark Water Covers

πŸ“š #Blurb πŸ“š

He was everything to me.
I promised to love her forever.
He left me.
I came back damaged and scarred. I couldn't bring that kind of broken to her.

He's not the boy I loved anymore.
She wears armor, shielding the girl I once knew.
Years have gone by.
Too much has changed.

My heart still beats for her.
My soul still cries for him.

Devon "Doc" Mayfield broke my heart, and now he wants to piece me back together. Is it too late?
Daphne Brooks is the girl I left behind, but I'm here now to take back what was always mine. I just need her to remember the man that owns her shattered heart.

About the Author
Colbie Kay always had a love for reading and wanted to pursue
writing. In 2015 she made that dream come true when she published her
first book. Since then she has become a stay-at- home mom, writing full-
time and bringing her passion to life through the words she creates.

The most fulfilling part of being an author for Colbie is to take
readers into a fantasy world between the pages of her books. Becoming
an author has also given her the opportunity to fill another passion of
hers, which is traveling. She loves being able to attend book signings
and meeting everyone that shares her love of books.

Colbie has many more stories to share with you, so be sure to connect
with her and keep up with what is coming next.

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Instagram: @authorcolbiekay

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