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Saturday, June 9, 2018

HOT SALE from T.M. Frazier!

✮  ✮  ✮  HOT SALE ALERT!  ✮  ✮  ✮

The Swamp is about to get a whole lot hotter! 

The Outskirts Duet from T.M. Frazier has a hot new look! To celebrate, The Outskirts and The Outliers on sale for 99¢ each! 

Grab yours today! 

The Outskirts
Amazon Universal:

The Outliers
Amazon Universale:


Sawyer wants a life of her own. 
Finn just wants Sawyer gone. 

She's escaping her past. 
He can't face his. 

The lord of the swamp is about to 
meet the lady he's never wanted.

And want her he does...


The love Finn and Sawyer share
is the kind you never recover from. 
The kind you never WANT to recover from. 

That's why they'll do everything and anything to protect it. 

When Sawyer's past chases her all the way to The Outskirts, they have to make a choice. 

Let the lies destroy everything,
or bury them deep in the swamp where they belong. 

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