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Sunday, September 9, 2018

RELEASE REBOOT: Molly's Man by Laylah Roberts

Molly's Man by Laylah Roberts

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This wasn’t how he’d expected his night to go. He thought he’d come to the club as usual, watch a few scenes from the safety of the bar, then go home to his cold, lifeless house. Instead he was staring down at the most beautiful woman he’d ever met. She was kneeling on the ground, not in the right position but he’d teach her that. Her hair was tied back in a long ponytail, and there was plenty of her creamy skin on display tonight. Her full breasts were barely contained in a corset that cinched in her tiny waist. She had a curvy figure, a small waist that flared out into wider hips, and a magnificent ass. That quick view he’d had of her butt just wasn’t enough to satisfy him. He moved his gaze lower, to her bare pussy. He couldn’t see much with her legs pressed together, but that was going to change. He was going to explore her pussy to his heart’s content.

His balls tightened to the point of pain. He needed a distraction. He looked around for her things, spotting her skirt and panties on a stool nearby.

“Molly, where are your crutches?”

She blinked, looking a bit surprised by the question. “Doc said I’m okay to walk without them.”

That seemed a bit soon to him.

“Your ankle isn’t sore anymore?”

“It’s fine.”

Hmm, he’d keep a watch on her anyway.

“Can you walk or do you wish me to carry you?”

“Uh, I can walk.” Her eyes were wide. “Where are we going?”

“To a quieter spot. We need to have a little chat.”

“A chat?” Was that a note of disappointment in her voice? Well, she didn’t know what sort of chat he had in mind. “Can I have my skirt and panties back then?”

“You can have the skirt, but not the panties.” He tucked those into his back pocket. “You won’t be needing them.” He didn’t even know why she’d bothered to put panties on. And if she thought she was going to keep the skirt, she had another think coming.

He held out a hand to help her up, keeping hold until he was certain she was steady. Then he watched her dress, taking in his fill. Both sets of cheeks were red by the time she’d managed to get her black skirt back on. She stared at him. “What now?”

“Now, you follow me.”

He turned and walked towards one of the dark alcoves. He didn’t glance back to see if Molly followed. Either she would or she wouldn’t.

Damn, though, he hoped she did.

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She’s ticking things off her bucket list. Number one, find a sexy man to tie her up and spank her…

Molly knows she’s not going to live a long life. Both her mother and grandmother died young. She’s determined to fit as much fun in as she can. Starting with quitting her job and moving to Haven where the men are sexy, protective, and dominant. It’s just her luck that the man she’s most drawn to is the very serious, very strict Sheriff of Haven.

He’d lost the love of his life once, it won’t happen again…

The only thing that kept Jake going after the death of his wife was his job. Enforcing the law, following the rules, having routines and guidelines, that’s his life. Then a red-headed dynamo moves into town and rocks his world upside down. She infuriates him, intrigues him, and she pushes his comfort zone. So he decides to push back…

Contains one protective Dom and the woman who will turn his life upside down.

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Molly wants what her friends have for as long as she lives--even that little while. She doesn't want their pity. She moves to the town where the men are caring and protective if a little controlling. Just for a while until it is time to move on.

Jake is sheriff, an alpha who sticks to the rules and is lonely. Molly and shouldn't tempt him. She's a little too sassy and independent. He has a secret past, she a secret future. Can two people so different be right for each other? Will those secrets keep them apart?

You'll enjoy watching him try to tame her and while she tries to comply. The story is funny, touching, the characters ones you want to find happiness. Like all good romances, the end will leave you with that ahh feeling. You'll have cried, laughed, become invested in the couple and their friends and town.

Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

Laylah Roberts grew up in rural New Zealand. She worked her way through several libraries, devouring romance books. She finally worked up the courage to write her own story and she's never looked back. She loves dominant, Alpha men who meet their match in her strong heroines. When she's not writing, she's busy running after her young daughter and trying to tame her never-ending pile of laundry.

You can find her here:
Twitter: @laylahR

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