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Friday, September 14, 2018

New Release ~ TIC: Soulless Bastards MC by Erin Trejo


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TIC: Soulless Bastards MC
by Erin Trejo

Genre: Romantic Suspense / MC Romance
Series: No Cal; Book 3

Tic: My son means the world to me. He's all I have. His mom left us when he was born. I raised him. He's mine. The club is my home. It's his too. After losing too many babysitters, Brooke's friend, Ashley stepped in to watch Jameson. She was a good girl, one I knew I couldn't have. Until I had her. Now I want to keep her. Sometimes what we want the most isn't what's in front of our eyes. Things change. Accidents happen and our lives are torn in half.

Ashley: I had money but I loved to work. When I quit my job and went to the clubhouse, I didn't expect my next job to be a tiny shaggy-haired boy. Jameson quickly grew on me. So, did his dad, Tic. We became close even though we knew it wouldn't work between us. When his ex, Jameson's mom shows up, all hell breaks loose. No one knows where they stand anymore.


First let me say, I rarely rate a book at three stars. I know genres and read for my pleasure knowing certain things can be counted on in said genre. I will say I had strong emotional commitments to Ashley, little boy Jameson, and Tic the MC and J's father. I loved their relationship and the family they had formed.

The writing was compelling. The characters engaging. The steam--hot.

There is a turn well into the story that was not acceptable for me. I was not committed to the added characters and response of some of the ones from earlier in the book. I cannot be more specific without giving spoilers and I try very hard not to commit that offense.
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