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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Her Imperfect Match by Taylor Dawn



Her Imperfect Match by Taylor Dawn



Roman Duval, Duke of Somerset, needs a wife so he can claim his inheritance.  He puts the task of finding one on the shoulders of his incompetent assistant. His worst fears are realized when a short brunette with an atrocious southern accent steps into his Paris mansion. “I asked for a leggy blonde with impeccable taste and class!” With the deadline on his inheritance looming, Roman has no other choice than to keep Mia around for the task at hand. Will he be able to stay in a marriage for a year with a woman who insists that tea shouldn’t be served hot and wears…gasp…unicorn house slippers? One year of contracted marriage might turn out to be the love of a lifetime.


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The Southern waitress and the Royal.
Mia had to help her mother with a mountain of medical bills. As a waitress that seemed impossible.

Roman needed a wife to fulfill the requirements to receive his inheritance and family holdings. With his reputation with women, his assistant moved across the pond in search of a candidate. He'd pay a lot of money for a temporary wife. She'd get to take care of her mother's worries for a year of her life.

What could go wrong? Let me count the ways.
She didn't fit in their circle.
She wasn't Dutchess material, even temporarily.
He didn't like her unicorn slippers, (or anything else she wore)
He wasn't crazy about her sass and sense of humor
His sister and her friend were not helpful

She shouldn't fall in love with her.
He shouldn't fall in love with him.

This is a fun read with opposites attracting and being real has its own rewards. Sit back and enjoy, it will leave you with a smile.

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About Taylor Dawn

International Bestselling Author Taylor Dawn began writing as an item to check off her bucket list. She resides in the southernmost part of Illinois, right on the mighty Mississippi river. She enjoys the quiet country life with her husband, son and the many farm animals that make up the rest of the family. Deciding that farm life was just a little too mundane, Taylor began writing romance and fantasy to liven things up, so far so good. Before starting her writing career, Taylor entered the field of cosmetology. When she isn't writing, she can usually be found sitting around a table making people laugh. She has always wanted to be a standup comic. She loves pulling practical jokes, dresses up in a costume every Halloween and believes that dancing is the key to a happy life (even if you aren't a good dancer). She believes that life shouldn't be taken too seriously, we will never get out alive anyway. More than anything, she is a kid at heart, she doesn't believe in bedtimes, eating everything on her plate, or having ice cream only for dessert. Her favorite quote is by Dr. Seuss..."Why fit in, when you were born to stand out." You can find Taylor at

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