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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Road to Grace by Piper Davenport

Title: Road to Grace
Series: Dogs of Fire Series
Author: Piper Davenport
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 8, 2018

18+ for language and sexual content! 

Grace Lundy's life has been tainted with horror and tragedy. She’s spent the past ten years building a fortress around her heart to avoid more pain. In the process, she’s managed to push away those closest to her, but the time has come for them to push back.
Billy "Flea" Jameson lives his life as a faithful soldier in the Dogs of Fire MC, free of commitment and drama…until Grace comes home from college. The sexy as sin woman who walks into the clubhouse isn’t the young girl who left for school, and her appearance promises an end to his commitment-free life.
But trouble brews when an innocent man is sent to prison and a rival club vies for territory.
As Flea works with his brothers to protect the club, can he keep Grace from being caught in the crossfire? 


Another winner. Loved the story and the characters.
Grace had a horrific start in life. She'd worked hard to overcome her resulting PTSD yet wasn't over it. Flea (Billy Jameson) knew her from way back when. She'd returned home turning down an amazing opportunity that wasn't enough to keep her away. The grown-up version captured Flea's attention right away. With patience and his own natural charm, it wasn't long until they'd begun a journey into learning how to care about another.

With her brother a newly patched member of the MC and her borrowed parents as longtime members, she knew more than most but not enough about the life. She'd have to learn along the way. Their love was a joy to watch. With family issues on both sides, the two of them manage to find hard fought for trust and family in their relationship. 

There is a club problem from an unknown enemy that threatens an important brother. Can Flea maintain his personal rules while helping take care of the danger to the club and his brother? The outcome will affect Grace as much as anyone. It becomes a test for their relationship.

Although I am in the process of reading the entire series, I didn't have any problem keeping up with the characters and storyline. A cover-to-cover in one sitting read. Couldn't put it down. I recommend this book as well as the series.

Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

Piper Davenport is the alter-ego of New York Times Bestselling Author, Tracey Jane Jackson. She writes from a place of passion and intrigue, combining elements of romance and suspense with strong modern-day heroes and heroines.
She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two kids.


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