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Sunday, April 29, 2018

New Release: The Woodsman's Nanny

The Complete Nanny Series -- Available NOW!

New Release:
The Woodsman's Nanny
by Emerson Rose

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Gage Mercury
Six years ago, my life changed forever.
I said goodbye to the two most important parts of my life.
One, I hope to never see again.
The other, I hope to never forget.
Now my life is different.
Sheltered from the world.
Secure with the child I’d give my life for.
Rocked by the promise of new love and a threat from my past.
Clover Washington
At the tender age of ten, my world fell apart.
I spent years wallowing in guilt and pain.
Now is my chance to build a better future
But first, I must conquer a major obstacle.
One mountain. One storm. One real chance for happiness.
A man, a precious little girl, a connection I never expected
An opportunity for love presents itself,
But when a deadly threat emerges, all I never knew I wanted may be lost.

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