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Friday, April 27, 2018

Eye of the Storm Blog Tour

Title: Eye of the Storm
(Gray Ghost Novel, book 2)
Author: Amy McKinley
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Photo by: CJC Photography
Cover Model: Alex Neff
Cover design by: TE Black Designs LLC
Release Date: March 6, 2018

Deep in the untamed wilderness of the notorious Darien Gap, a soldier wakes. Injured, he has no memory of who he is or why he is there until a beautiful woman tells him his name. But can he trust her?

When Mari Dias stumbles upon Chris Shaw in the jungle—a place many risk but few survive—she enlists his help to escape a country ruled by the very family who hunts her.

As Chris and Mari search for sanctuary out of the jungle, filters of his past return in slow increments. As they grow closer, so do their enemies. Can he battle the storm that threatens them all?



Mari's jaunt through the jungle is no tourist's safari. She's escaped from the ruling drug cartel leader. Now she has to stay free and get to another country. Another woman fleeing helps her on the condition she returns the favor. The person in need of help is hanging upside-down in a tree from a parachute. He's in a bad way with a head wound and no memory. All she has to do is get him down. Nurse him back to health. And talk him into protecting her as they escape. Sure no problem. A little white lie or two can't hurt. Right?

Chris feels a connection and gladly helps this strong capable beautiful woman. How can he not remember her? Their journey is filled with dangerous men and an even more deadly jungle.

Will he get his memory back? If so, will he abandon her when he learns the truth? Can she have real feelings for any man after her experience with the cartel?

This is a life-threatening journey with trust necessary but so are the lies, aren't they? Will they overcome the dangers around them and those they are keeping from each other?

A page-turner with a strong, self-reliant woman and a deadly man in an unlikely place to fall in love. The steam is not just from the jungle. There is much more but if I told you I'd have to kill you or so those in the secrets business say. Read this action filled book and learn it all for yourself.
Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

Amy McKinley is the author of the Five Fates Series and Gray Ghost Novels. Her romance books have strong heroines, sexy alphas, and just the right amount of heat, danger, and always with an HEA. She lives in Illinois with her husband, two daughters, two sons, and three mischievous cats. To stay informed about her upcoming releases, sign up for her newsletter here:










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