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Monday, December 4, 2017

Sin City Christmas

Recourse (Sin City Outlaws Christmas Novella)

  Did you love Zeek and Jillian from the Sin City Outlaws MC series? Now you get to see a glimpse of your favorite characters and their dysfunctional Christmas!

Releasing December 7th!


Naughty or nice, it seems to be the way Zeek and I live our relationship. I’m the sheriff, and he’s the outlaw of a major biker gang. I have to pick a side this Christmas. Do I honor my badge like I was born to do, or do I cross my line of blue and my man home for Christmas?  


Pulling myself together, I step into the bathroom and throw some cold water on my face. My body is flushed and sweaty after Zeek just made me combust on his face. That man can do magical things with his tongue. It’s more than just what he gives me with his body though. It’s the pieces of his heart and soul I know I’m getting every time we intertwine as one that does me in. I get to see his soft spots and his hard ones. I get to see and feel what nobody else does. Heading out of the bathroom, I grab the other piece of the candy cane laying on the bed and stick it in my mouth. The smell of Peppermint causing my cheeks to heat with images of me and Zeek moments ago. My mouth feels clean but dirty all at the same time. I’ll never look at these damn candies the same again. Shutting the bedroom door behind me, I turn around and run face to face with Dolly.

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