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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Friends with a Tryst by Kris Jayne / New Release

Friends with a Tryst by Kris Jayne

Series: A Thirsty Hearts Novella
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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He was her brother's best friend. Now, he's hers.

Whipping her life into shape started when Erin McKenna exorcized her lazy ex-boyfriend from her life. Next up? Joining weekly bootcamps with her new trainer -- and old friend -- Luke Abrams. Dubbed "Brother Luke" when he was her late brother's college roommate, he's there for her again -- spotting her at the gym and in life. Nevermind that the feelings she has are getting less sisterly by the sit-up.

Luke promised his dying best friend that he would always watch out for Erin. Looking out for and lusting after haven't been mutually exclusive. Still, hands-off and stay true is the plan until Erin is suddenly single, and he can no longer ignore the crush evolving into something more.

But once they finally acknowledge the romantic elephant in the room, will Luke's "big brother" ways keep Erin at a distance?

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