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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Breech's Fall by D.D. Galvani

Title: Breech's Fall
Series: Devils Wind MC
Author: D.D. Galvani
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: March 21, 2018

“I would totally recommend this book (and series!) to anyone who loves MC romances, bad boys that are really big teddy bears, and strong leading ladies!” ~ Amazon Review
“D.D. Galvani once again delivers a book that had me completely hooked and unable to put it down.” ~ Amazon Review

From the moment Jiji steps foot inside the Devil's Wind clubhouse, Breech can't get her out of his head. She's beautiful, smart and sassy-all things that drive Breech's need to its breaking point. But she's not for him. She's his best friend Fighter's little sister. He can't hit it and quit it with Jiji, like he does the others. Either he's all in or Fighter will have his balls.
Jiji knows exactly what kind of man Breech is and no matter what kind of fire he sets off in her lady parts, she has no intentions of getting mixed up with him and becoming another one, of the many women, he leaves in his wake. She has goals she's working towards and the world of bikers doesn't fit in with what she has planned.
But when trouble comes knocking and Jiji finds herself in a terrifying situation, it's Breech and the Devil's Wind that must step in to save her. She just hopes they make it in time.


Jiji must be worth a lot--Breech has to get past her big brother who happens to be a club member and his best friend. His rep with women, makes Fighter want him nowhere near his sister. Once past that hurdle now he has to convince Jiji he won't be that way with her. Not that she isn't hot for the big bad boy, but she's guarding her heart. That is until a tiny creature's welfare is in his hands and she can no longer resist.
Just as they are starting to find their way, a business trip puts her in the reach of a black-hearted, evil man. Can Breech keep her safe? If not by himself, will the club help, and the brothers get there in time?
Jiji is smart, driven, a fighter, and takes no guff. She's got a brother in the MC and isn't afraid of the big scary guys. The heat between these two will singe you if you get too close. Still, big, sexy, alpha biker male, Breech is there to support and not take over. I like that and the author has created him so he still has that alpha control without being a jailor. The other characters we meet are interesting and cry for their own story. While a fairly short story, nothing is missing. I recommend it to all readers of MC or those who want to check them out.

Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

D.D. Galvani was born and raised on Long Island, New York. She moved to Florida in 2002 and lives there today with her husband of 37 years. She has two children and one beloved grand daughter whom she spoils as much as she can. She is an avid reader and crafter and decided to put those two loves together and Swag by NaNa was born. After working around author’s for a few years, she asked a couple to look at a story she had written and was blown away that they liked it. They pushed her to finish it and her first novel Fighter’s Claim, an MC romance came to be. She writes strong alpha males and sassy intelligent women. Welcome to her world!


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