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Saturday, April 23, 2016

BLOG TOUR - Minute by Minute by Natalie E. Wrye


Genre: Romantic Suspense 

Release Date: April 20, 2016



Lukas Griffin I'd heard that chess was a game made for the Gods of Men. You are not a God… you’re just a man. But even you can make the rules… 

Rule no. 1: Trust no one. Not even the ones you like. Not even the ones you love. Especially not the ones you love. 

Rule no. 2: Do not fuck the irresistible blonde. Not even if she asks. Not even if she begs. And she just may… 

Rule no. 3: FUCK THE RULES. To Hell with them. Set fire to them and watch them burn… Realize that under the right circumstances, everyone is capable of betrayal. Even you…



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Step by Step: 


I’ve simplified my life into a three-part process: I binge—I fuck—I come…until I come to my senses. That’s what my world has been ever since she came into my life. And I was perfectly content with it staying that way… Until I actually met her. Mouthy dancer. Blonde bombshell. Elena. My best friend’s soon to be sister-in-law. Enemies before we’d ever laid eyes on each other, we were a match made in Hell—a cautionary tale of how not to get along. But when the spark between us sets our passions ablaze, how do we prevent the unexpected matches from turning our flame into an inferno?

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Hour by Hour: 


My head says, “Fuck Lukas Griffin.” My clitoris says, “Go ahead!”

I gave in to him, submitted myself to our fiery passion… and it blew up in my face. I can’t afford to do this again—not when he holds all the cards. Not when he makes all the rules. He’s lured me into a game—a game I’ve never played. A dangerous one. And if I raise the stakes and place another bet on him, will he burn me again?
Handsome fashion man undressing woman . Seduction and passion

Author Bio: 

Natalie Wrye is a math geek by day, writer by night. She is a single, former Yankee living in Northwest Georgia with nothing but her Friends and Gilmore Girls reruns to keep her company. Natalie started writing nonsensical stories at the ripe age of 6; she hopes things have changed since then. She loves chocolate, cuddly things, and large libraries. Oh...and she thinks it's pretty cool to talk in 3rd person.

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