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Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Cardinalis Code New Release

Title: The Cardinalis Code
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 21, 2020
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: BookSmith Design

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What if vampires were a superior species and nearly undetectable? As successful, influential individuals, vampires live under a strict set of rules created by their government, The Cardinalis Order. Are you ready to understand what it means to break The Cardinalis Code?

When successful business entrepreneur Michael Chamberlain arrives in The Hamptons to take over his father’s nightclub, he’s in search of a new donateur, a contracted blood source. Troubled and distant, Michael discovers he’s still very much alive when enticed by a beautiful woman, offering a kiss and a question: Can you be mine for five minutes?

Student Paislee Sullivan serves at the prestigious nightclub to pay her tuition. When she meets the mysterious Michael Chamberlain, who she believes to be just a gorgeous bartender with an attitude, she soon discovers her world is ruled by a species not of her own.
Wealth and glamour shroud a dark side that threatens her life when she signs Michael’s contract. In this steamy romance, two lovers wield a charming relationship that will be destroyed by the Order if she breaks just one rule.

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Preslie and Michael

Preslie needed a job to make her college payment. Little did she know that the job would change her life in unimaginable ways. Vampires are real. They aren't vampires by name. They aren't what we read about in books and see in movies. And they are....better read to find out what Preslie learns.

Michael has come back to the states at his parent's request. He's been put in charge of the club that his brother thought he would manage. Their sibling rivalry reaches a whole new high. When Michael spots Preslie will their competition endanger her?

The years of family drama and parental favoritism will add to the danger and romance. The world-building is unique, the lovers a perfect example of opposites attracting. There is plenty of steam. A recommendation to all PNR and Vampire fans.

Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

Avery grew up in a military family and traveled extensively. Fortunately, her books could travel anywhere with her. She adored romances as a teen and read whatever ones she could get her hands on. When she was sixteen, she decided to create her own love story, inspired by all the authors she’d been reading. She discovered her passion for writing and continued building her craft throughout the years while traveling as a military wife. Avery finally settled in a small town in Maine and decided to actively pursue her dream of becoming a published author, to share her stories with others in hopes they would love them as much as she did.

She’s served tables, worked drive-thru, modeled, attended AIMT in Kailua to learn massage therapy and energy work, even owned her own shop, making candles, soap, and other natural beauty products. She’s dabbled in a variety of things, but her love for a good romance never wavered. 

Avery’s usually hanging out with her family, drinking coffee, and listening to music. If you don’t find her there, she’s staring out the window, swept up in another world. Avery feels strongly that every romantic journey she creates should have elements of adventure, sweet banter, danger, tension, gripping content —and of course, all that steamy romance! Her desire is to bring the reader along for a wild ride that leaves them breathless.

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