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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

No Touch Zone by Elizabeth Perry / New Release

No Touch Zone by Elizabeth Perry

Series: Saints of Love; Book 2
Genre: Sports Romance 

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Do you know what happens when you sleep with your best friend's little sister?

Yeah, me either.
But I'm about to find out.

It never should have happened. That girl has been off-limits for me since day one.

But then we ended up trapped in a blizzard together. One thing led to another, and well...

The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

She told me that I was just a fling. I forgot to tell her that I had already fallen in love.

At the same time that I realized how much she meant to me, someone else did as well.

Now, she's got a rock the size of a skating rink on her finger and is about to take the wrong last name.

I'm down to the last minute in the fourth quarter, but I'm not sweating it. That's always when I shine the most, anyways. This time, my touchdown is going to come in the form of scoring forever with Willow.

First things first, though.

I've got to stop Willow from walking down the aisle and marrying the wrong dude.

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