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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Submitting to Fate (Fate Series #1) by Screaming Mimi.

Title:  Submitting to Fate
Author: Screaming Mimi
Genre: Erotic Romance
Models:  Kitchi Cherokee and James Webb
Cover: Stacy Pritt

Submitting to Fate

Fate can be a cruel mistress or a naughty prankster but it rules us all in some form or another.

Logan finds himself at fates mercy when his fiancee leaves him at the altar for another man. Angered by the thought that he was willing to give up everything for "the one" only to have her toss him aside. He's determined not to let any woman make a fool of him again....ever. He chooses to take the honeymoon they were meant to go on, with the intentions of forgetting her forever. Walking into his hotel he finds Bella and something inside him shifts, but he won't accept it. No he's through with women and their wiles.

Bella hopes for a great future with her fiance. But another betrayal makes her swear herself off all men. Two broken hearts, two strangers with the same goal, keeping their hearts locked from any feeling. Will fate make them both submit? Will they learn how to love again?

“Hold still, I wanna get a good picture of you before I fuck you silly woman.” Logan looked down at Bella on the picnic blanket and knew exactly what he wanted to do to her, but first some photos to remember their time together. Lying down next to her, he wanted one photo of them together. “Stay still and smile like you like me Bella.”  They scrunched their faces close together and smiled up at his phone. “These are going up on my Facebook and Instagram right now. What should it say for the caption? What do you think of :  “about to fuck this beautiful woman’s brains out, don’t you wish you were me”?” Shaking her head and laughing Bella said, “You better not put that I’ll be mortified for life.” Putting his phone away he decided to get down to business and his business was Bella’s pleasure.

 Wrapping his hand around her hair he tugged her head to the side and started nibbling her ear and neck. He wanted to go slow this time but then she moaned his name and it was all he could do not to rip all of her clothes off.  Once she was naked before him in the sunlight, he sat there for a second watching her, she was even more beautiful without clothes, all lush curves and bountiful breasts. He trailed his finger over every curve and dip making her wiggle under him. When he reached his prize, and dipped the tip of his finger in, he felt her moist to the touch. Damn it turned him on to know how much she enjoyed his touch. Not being able to hold out any longer, he slipped out of his jeans and shirt. Touching her naked flesh to his was like pure heaven to him, she arched towards him like she couldn’t get enough of the feel. “Bella, I wanted to take this slow, but baby hold is gonna be hard and fast.” Parting her legs, he didn’t wait, he thrust into her to the hilt making her gasp in pleasure and pain. “Logan don’t stop….god please don’t stop. You feel so good.” He didn’t need to be asked twice. Thrusting in earnest toward their completion, he knew she’d have bruises tomorrow but damn she felt so good. She started thrashing her head side to side he knew she was close. “Come on baby, come with me, I’m almost there.” She didn’t need any more persuasion than that and at that moment she started shattering in his arms, three thrusts and Logan was right behind her arching his back and bellowing. Collapsing on top of her he held her like that while they dozed off.

Screaming Mimi

Screaming Mimi lives in Texas with her husband, two girls, and two dogs. When she's not writing she's a domestic goddess who... dabbles in photography. She grew up as a military brat and went on to become a Army wife. She's loyal to a fault and cusses like a sailor when the fancy strikes her. She loves hearing from fans so email her at


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