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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crash Ride by T. Gephart

This is the second book in the Power Station series. I fell in love with Dan Evans in book one! And book two brings us the story of their drummer Troy Harris. I loved the banter between the guys in both books, and the banter between them and the girls was wonderful as well.

"Didn't you have a date?" Dan looked over his shoulder as we walked into the living room....."Yep, Lacey. Masturbating with a cheese grater would've been less painful. I called time early and bailed." It wasn't an exaggeration. I was so done with airhead bimbos....

"Wow, Ash, I think you've spent too much time with Dan and he has burrowed inside your brain. If you start calling me a douchebag, I'm tell you right now, I'm going to stage an intervention."

Ash's best friend Megs has had a crush on Troy Harris since she was young. When Ash starts dating Dan, Megs gets a chance to meet him. She thinks that having sex once with Troy will allow her to move on and get him out of her head.

Their crazy wild one night stand behind them, they decide they need to stay in the friend zone, so as not to mess things up between themselves or between Dan and Ash. Except the one night stand does nothing to curb Megs feelings for him. So initially they fall into a great friendship doing crazy things like calling each other with funny quips on a daily basis.

"Hey Megs." "Hey, Troy Harris."
"I used your address to do some internet shopping. I know I should have asked firs, but we're so cool with each other, I figured you'd say yes. I really hate it when people see my name and address and then before you know it...boom a stalker."
"Sure, no problem at all. What did you buy?"
"Chinese throwing stars and a sword. Hopefully it doesn't get flagged by the FBI; you don't have an existing record do you?"

This is a light, easy and funny read. But there are some emotional hills and valleys you will travel through.

I loved the chapter POV's from both Troy and Megs, as Ms. Gephart did with book one as well. I am thoroughly enjoying this series and look forward to Jase's book!

I was given this copy in exchange for my honest review.


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