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Friday, February 20, 2015

Cover Reveal - Drowning in River

Drowning In River
by M.W. Muse
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover Reveal

Calli Rhodes wants nothing more than to go to college, have a normal life, and forget about the guy who broke her heart. Strike one: she isn’t normal. She’s a nymph, descended through a line of others like her, and living in a world where Greek Mythological gods and creatures hold more truth than legend. She would never be normal. Strike two: River Rysaor isn’t just any guy. He’s a god, and someone she’s been drawn to since day one. A boy who’d set his sights on her best friend instead until destiny finally intervened ... then backhands her. When their chance comes, he crushes it and her heart in the process. Big strike three. She might not have him or be totally normal, but pretending everything’s okay works pretty well for her. Until River blows back into her life, demolishing her fake reality and gripping her heartstrings again.
River might be a god, but he feels powerless when it comes to Calli, the girl he loves, the one he was forced to give up in order to save. Even worse, she doesn’t understand why he had to break up with her. But his plan of avoidance gets shattered when he learns she’s in trouble, and the only one who can protect her is him. Can he do it? Be around her, protect her, and not give in? Only way he knows how is by embracing the monster inside of him and making her despise him even more. He will hate himself for how he’ll have to be, but it’s a small price to pay for her future.
Calli doesn’t want River’s help, but when she realizes things are beyond their control and the New Pantheon Order is being challenged for dominance, she knows she has no other choice. She must go with him … knowing her heart may never resurface after drowning in him again.

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