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Thursday, June 25, 2020

❤️ New Release ~ Rock God in Exile by Kella Campbell ❤️

Title: Rock God in Exile, (Smidge Book 2)

Author: Kella Campbell

Genre: Rock Star Romance


Is it overreacting to knock someone down for groping you? Nell Whelan is a black belt whose self-protective instincts kick in hard when she’s uncomfortable.

Then she arrives at her hated day job to find the handsome jerk from the pub kicking the photocopier, and finds out that he looks familiar because he’s the bass player from a famous rock band… but when she asks him what he’s doing working for her boss, he avoids answering.

Eamonn Yarrow — known to the rock world as “Easy” — hasn’t always been a good person and he’s reaping the consequences, but maybe Nell is just what he needs to turn his life around.

“I am anxious to get my hands on the next book in this series. I will put this series up with some of my favorites. If you love hot damaged rock stars, this series
is for you!!”  ~ Words Turn Me On

“ROCK GOD IN EXILE by Kella Campbell is the second addition to her Smidge series about rock star romances. Filled with witty dialogue that is chuckle-worthy and two souls who both have found ways to hide their insecurities behind the facades they show to the world.” - Dianne

“I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Eamonn “Easy” Yarrow, but this troubled soul completely won me over! This bad boy bass player is full of arrogance and oozes sex appeal, but there is also a hidden depth and vulnerability about him that I found endearing. He has these flirty one-liners that seem to ensnare many women, but do nothing but irritate Nell.” ~ Anna’s Bookshelf

“I have never wanted to knee someone in the b*lls as much as I wanted to Easy. Thankfully Nell did it for us 😁. I immediately loved her ❤.” ~ Caz Bates


Another great story! I fought with myself over whether to give this book 4 stars or 5 stars and the only reason I would rate it as 4 stars was that I couldn't warm up to Nell. Not until the very end when she seemed to drop that "standoff-ish" demeanor. She's a tough woman, and a black belt. (Reading some of the other reviews posted, I see I'm not the only one.)

I didn't like Easy much in book one....he was kind of a jerk to be honest, but I loved him in this book. We really learn to see what a sweet and caring guy he is beneath his Rock God Persona.

He encounters Nell at a bar and tries to hit on her. She is a black belt and won't take any of his crap.

They meet again in her workplace. Why is the bassist working as Nell's assistant? Because he made an incredibly awful mistake and has paid the price and has been ousted from Smidge. When he ends up working as her assistant in his uncle's company, she has no choice but to deal with him.

The twinges of attraction, the dirty way he looked at her, it all added up to something that shouldn't be. How could she want to like him, let alone be attracted to him? Everything about him was reprehensible to her and stood against her values and the way she tried to live her life, with integrity and respect for life and individual autonomy.

I enjoyed their witty banter. He liked to rile her up.

"I hope you're wearing underwear under those," she blurted out before she could censor herself. He stared at her in amused disbelief. "You're asking me if I'm going commando?"

"You'd better not be masturbating." He laughed out loud in the dark. "Oh, babe, I love how you say what's on your mind like that."

The other characters are added in as the story rolled along which I loved! And even as the story progresses, Nell fought the attraction and found reasons why things wouldn't work out with them which I found very frustrating! Easy never gave up though.

I am anxious to get my hands on the next book in this series. I will put this series up with some of my favorites. If you love hot damaged rock stars, this series is for you!!

Received an Advanced Reader Copy from the author in return for my honest review.

Rock Stars Heart (Smidge Book 1)

Kella Campbell can usually be found in Vancouver, Canada.

She writes mostly romance, because love and relationships are what she finds most interesting about life and in fiction. Even when she dips into other genres, her writing almost always has romantic/emotional/relationship elements.

Kella likes tea and dark chocolate and happily-ever-after endings

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