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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

We Love Kink Antology is Live !!

We Love Kink - Erotic Romance Anthology 2018

Lose yourself in 6 stories where passion and love rule.

ONLY 99¢ !!


The Missing Key by Rose C Carole
Maddy Howard’s husband left her for another woman. But when she collects his things to throw them out, she finds a pair of handcuffs. Desperate to explore the world of BDSM—something her ex disparaged—Maddy tries on the cuffs to see if it turns her on. Not quite. But the cuffs do capture her in an unexpected way, and Maddy has to turn to locksmith Aiden Thompson, who also happens to be the Dom she met at her first munch. Can she trust him to not only extricate her from her predicament but also lead her into the lifestyle she yearns for?

Flirting with Temptation by Marie Tuhart

When one night lead to more
After spending an unforgettable passionate night with Gavin, Amber Delaney knows they have no future together. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with a medical condition. She can't burden Gavin with her secret, but the more time they spend together, the more she's falling in love with him.
Gavin wants Amber. She's eluded him for two weeks after their night together, but he's not waiting any longer. He gets her to agree to dinner with him, which ends up with them in bed together again. Gavin is falling for Amber and he wants her in his life, but she's fighting her attraction to him and he's determined to find out why.

Bad Boy by Samantha Cayto

Danny strives to be a good boy for his master, but his painful past can make it hard. With no one to understand and protect him, he had to survive by his own wits and courage. Those are difficult habits to break even with Master’s deft training. To stop from being a bad boy, he needs to remind himself of how his life with Master began and relearn what it means to truly submit to the man he loves and trusts.

Birthday Cuffs by Frances Stockton
Having just closed a difficult undercover investigation, jaded vice-detective Dare Hunter returns home intending to avoid corrupting his sexy, kink-curious neighbor on his birthday. He never expects Ellie Sullivan to seduce him with a kiss, a dare, and a delicious proposition, much less set out to steal his heart. Little does she realize she’s had the power from the start.

Freeing Faith by Ronna Reston
Since the night she was betrayed by a man she had trusted with her secret needs, Faith Summers has closed herself off to men, romance, and to love. Can a weekend with Lorenzo Alvarez, her sexy co-worker and Dominant, show her what it means to submit to a man who is worthy of her?

Don't Get Caught by Ava Campbell
Wendy would rather stay inside and avoid people all together, but one promised of a date, her world goes from boring, to exciting, and slightly risky.
Zander live a life full of danger, yet he harbors a secret he can’t really share with just anyone. When Wendy walks into his life, everything is alive and full of life. However, with his job, her job, they both need to be aware of their surroundings, and most importantly, not to get caught.

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