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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

⛵ Book Blitz: Gods of the Deep by D.A. Lascelles ⛵

Book Blitz:

Gods of the Deep

by D.A. Lascelles

Dec 5th – Dec 12th


Professor Everyn Crowe is just a harmless academic with an interest in the Theological and Ethereal Sciences. He'd expected his life to consist of quiet hours in the library and tinkering with his newly invented etheric compass. He is therefore surprised when his studies into the quaint anthropological practises of some isolated villagers living on the coast of his native Creatha result in him being unceremoniously thrown into the sea. Luckily, Captain Rachel Drake of the Neptune's Wing is on hand to supply a rescue. If Everyn can avoid being cast overboard by her crew for being a witch, she may have a use for his unusual academic specialities. A collection of tales of pirates, swashbucklers, demons and adventure.


D.A Lascelles is a former clinical scientist turned teacher who writes to stop himself from going insane during the long holidays. He is only just starting out as a professional writer with his first publications. In 2011 he released a short story entitled ‘Gods of the Sea’ in the Pirates and Swashbucklers anthology by Pulp Empires. He is also the author of Transitions, part of the Shades of Love series by Mundania press, a paranormal romance. He contributed the background to Realm: fantasy warfare (
He lives in Manchester in the UK with his wife and a fox terrier cross called Eddie.



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