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Saturday, May 21, 2016

๐Ÿ’€ #ReleaseBlitz Packet ๐Ÿ’€ Meltdown of Mad Dog (Satan's Savages MC, #4) + Shattered Heart Series by K.E. Osborn

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 What happens when the badass bikers of Satan's Savages MC invade the Shattered Heart Series?

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 Release Blitz
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The Meltdown of Mad Dog

(Satan's Savages MC, #4)

Meltdown of Mad Dog ebook
My name is Mad Dog.
I’m the President of the Virginia Satan’s Savages MC.
I’m a man with nothing left to fight for.

My name is Amelia.
My life’s a mess.
All because of my ex-husband and his Goddamned MC Club.

In the early days, Mad Dog and Amelia were undeniably happy. Their life in the club together, along with their three young boys, was bliss. That was until one fateful night their world turned upside down. Having their lives torn apart pulled them in opposite directions.
Mad Dog is trying to run a club that’s failing miserably, and all he can think of is the family he once had and lost. With the club irreparably broken—his family gone, his brothers turning on him—Mad Dog is losing track of everything, and running the club in a direction no one saw coming. The Cartel is on his back, and he wants war. But will the war only lead him down the path to the inevitable? A Meltdown of Mad Dog?
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MOM full jacket
Meltdown of Mad Dog (Satan's Savages MC #4)
by K.E. Osborn
Clicking my tongue against the roof of my mouth, I glance down at the knife as he digs the blade in slightly further. The sharp sting of the tip piercing my skin is followed by the warm trickle of blood slides down my neck through my beard. “Okay, I’ll behave. Just tell me why I’m here.”

“Straight to the point, just like you said. Okay. My offer. You choose to willingly stop with the lackeys distributing your E tablets, and I’ll leave your club alone. But, if you go behind our backs, and try to distribute without our knowledge again, we will come after you, without hesitation.”

Smirking, I shake my head. “Jesรบs, that’s not an offer, that’s horse shit. You’re telling me to give up good money, and to stop trading in something my club has been doing since its inception, thirty years ago. Why would I give it up for you?”

He sniffs, rubbing his chin and pulls the knife away from my neck, taking a step back. “Okay, you want me to play hardball? Then you give me no option. You stop your distribution. You pull your lackeys, you get out of drugs and guns completely. One hundred percent. I mean all the way. Change things up. Go into a business, make money legitimately. I really don’t give two flying fucks how you source your income, just not through drugs and guns in South Australia. You hand in your supply of everything you have in stock at the moment and, in return, I won’t go after your family.”

My chest tightens and a cold shiver runs down my spine, but I don’t want him to know I’m rattled so I play dumb. “My club is my family.”

“Oh, so if I went after a fiery little red-head called Willow, and sliced her open in front of Dylan, how exactly would that sit with you? And then after Dylan was a mess from watching me slice open his Old Lady, I would dice him up, too. Then to top it all off, I’d bring in Amelia and fuck her so hard she would bleed like a river. Then I’d torture her right in front of you, making you watch every second as you take in her pain-filled screams, knowing you were the reason she was going through that pain, all because you wouldn’t give up the drugs and guns for the sake of… business. It would be a shame.”

An insatiable wave of hatred and anger boils from within me. My fists ball at my sides, and my muscles clench all over my body. Hearing him talk about my family like that was excruciatingly painful, and imagine it in my head was even worse. My neck tenses as my jaw clenches, my eyes twitch as I stare at a smirking Jesรบs. The anger consumes me as everything blurs around me. I lunge forward screaming at the top of my lungs reaching out for him. My anger is an untamed beast, with the ferocity of a caged lion, ready to attack. But before I can reach him I’m pulled back, my arms held to my side as I groan, kick and scream to get to him.

I’m losing the plot.

No one talks about Millie that way, no one!

“I’m going to fucking kill you myself,” I yell. Jesรบs shakes his head with a sigh and raises his eyebrow.

“No, you won’t, because if anything happens to me, contingencies are in place. If I die, what I just said will happen to your family, slowly and painfully. If Josรฉ dies, same thing. If we hear of you trading with your lackeys, well I’ll give you three guesses as to what happens, but my guess is you only need one.”

My bottom lip trembles as my heart races in my chest, and my breathing is so rushed and harsh spit is flying out of my mouth. “What did I do to you?”

Jesรบs frowns and tilts his head. “Oh, come now, you know this isn’t personal. I just happened to step into your territory, but I appear to be the bigger and better dog as it were. Sometimes a dog just has to know when to… roll over.”

 Meet The Characters
Satan's Savages MC Meet The characters

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The Violet Widow (Shattered Heart, #1)

Violet Widow ebook
I was a wife. 
I was a mother. 
Now... I’m a Madam.

I had a loving family. A husband and son who I adored until they were tragically ripped from me. Something inside me died the same time they did. My heart stopped beating. I had to become stronger, tougher. I had to close down my emotions and become someone entirely different to who I was before. 

I became the Violet Widow. 

Now, I run a high-class escort and sex worker agency. To my staff, I’m known only as Boss. No one knows my past, and I don’t have a future. That was until he walked into my life.

I'm Hudson Stone. Meeting someone like her was never part of my life plan. My life is my work and I put everything I have into my career choice. I'm strong willed, passionate and loyal, but cross me or the ones I love and you will pay. Vengeance is in my blood and I'm out to seek it. Until she stepped into my world--beautiful, sassy and confident, she had the power to destroy me.

Will their paths collide or will their secrets explode, leaving their hearts shattered and lives in tatters.
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The Violet Widow full jacket

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A Different Shade of Violet (Shattered Heart, #2)

A Different Shade of Violet ebook
 I'm being hunted.
I am trapped.
Now... I'll be tortured. 
I had everything again, after losing it all. When Hudson found out I was a madam, I lost him and my will to function. Something in me died when he left. My heart stopped beating... again. After losing Danny and Caiden, losing Hudson too was a whole new world of hurt. Violet Dyson was closing herself off to the renewed pain and The Violet Widow was slowly resurfacing. 
With all fight gone, Violet's courage will be tested when the unrelenting Satan's Savages MC show up on her doorstep and turn her world into utter chaos. They will stop at nothing to annihilate her, and without Hudson—her rock by her side—can she withstand the enemies she is facing? When Hudson is thrust back into her life, can their love conquer the evil that lies ahead, or were they doomed from the very beginning?
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A Different Shade of Violet full jacket

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 About the Author
 K.E. Osborn
Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind.
Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh, cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines. She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn't consider doing anything else.
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