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Monday, May 23, 2016

Here She Rules Tour

*Visit a world where fantasy and adventure meet sizzling romance.*

A trans-dimensional rift takes Cassandra Powell to a foreign world where she finds herself in the country of Erla—a Queendom ruled by women. After saving the life of Erla’s Queen, Cassie finds herself elevated to a position of power in the new world she discovers she can never leave. She is bestowed honors and a bevy of beautiful male slaves, who live to serve her every desire.

She soon finds herself at war with brutal enemies as well as with herself as her entire view of life and what is right and wrong undergo a dramatic transformation. Determined to make a place for herself in this new world, she learns to embrace her situation, discovering the pleasures to be found in the arms of the beautiful men that now belong to her, body and soul.


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About Kat's Heroines:

When I was a child, I was not a fan of Cinderella. I felt like she was too weak to stand up for herself. Cinderella could have been a household laborer anywhere, and nearly anyone else would have treated her better. Instead, she waited around for the Prince to save her. My heroines don't wait around for some man to save them; they get off their behinds and save themselves. If a guy helps, well, that's just a bonus! My heroines are all strong women who carry on despite their insecurities. I think they represent real women with real struggles— albeit in a fictitious setting.


• “The sight of her in her warrior’s training gear sent thrills of desire through each man. Their Lady’s strength and prowess was very arousing to them, and they trembled in her presence.”

• “The women grabbed the reigns and leapt onto the horse’s backs. They spurred the horses into a gallop and rode like naughty children through the marketplace, scattering people and animals in their wake. The townspeople stared in awe after the beautiful, powerful women. Such a sight as this was rare— two strong warriors playing like little girls.”

• “Get in my bed,” he growled dangerously. Her breath hitched and then accelerated as a white-hot flash of pure need pooled in her belly, and she found herself moving into the room—shedding her cloak and dress as she made her way to his bed.

• Cassie’s body ached, fire was raging through her belly, and she could not wait for any niceties as she quickly… They both moaned in pleasure. Now that she was familiar with Jul, she knew she had consumed just enough because every nerve ending in her body hummed with pleasure as his hands roamed her flesh, his teeth raking her sensitive…

• It had been decided that no survivors would be left—no prisoners taken. They intended a complete decimation of the Trevians... The slaves and any plunder would be taken back to Erla and distributed to the most deserving amongst the ranks.

About the Author:

I, Kat Brewer, am a Santa Cruz, CA native who now resides in rural South Alabama. What
I write actually comes as a surprise to me for the most part. There are these moments of
inspiration which kind of explode, and I just have to write them down! I am really just an
average woman trying to make it. I love my very patient husband and my family more
than anything else. I don't have any kitschy hobbies, nor have I traveled as much as I
would like, but I've been told I have a great imagination!

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