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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Destroy For Her by RB Hilliard

Title: Destroy For Her
Series: Steele Raiders MC
Author: RB Hilliard
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: December 3, 2020
Cover Design: Just write. Creations and Services
Cover Model: Zeke Samples
Photographer: Eric Battershell

As Road Captain of the Steele Raiders MC, Ax’s life is ruled by his loyalty to the club and the oath to never betray a brother, dead or alive. For years, he’s watched over his fallen brother’s wife and daughter while refusing to let his true feelings get in the way. 

He loves her, but he can’t have her.

Sage is in love with Alex Easton. A feeling he does not reciprocate. She’s an obligation—a painful reminder of his fallen brother—and, therefore, off-limits. 
After years of rejection, Sage decides to move on—to move past the club, to move past her love for Alex.

It’s a move that will cost her everything.

When Sage lands herself in some serious hot water, the club comes to her rescue. 

Can Ax and the Steele Raiders keep her and her daughter safe?

Will Ax finally reveal his feelings for Sage, or will this new threat tear them apart for good?

Sometimes you have to fight for love, but sometimes you have to destroy for it.


Wow, this book was amazing. I was on my toes throughout the book. I couldn't put it down.

I loved Ax and Sage together, they may have had to go through a lot and get over a lot of things. But when they finally get together it is so worth it for both of them.

I can't wait for more.


Ax & Sage

He wanted a life with a family besides the club. He'd wanted a life with Sage but she belonged to his friend. Even when he died Ax felt he had to honor his friend and ignore his feelings for Sage and her daughter whom he helped raise. Sage had enough of waiting for the man she'd loved as well and left.

Little did she know what her life would become. Finally, she escaped but at a price. The man she ran from meant danger for the man she ran to and the club. Is it worth that price?

When things begin to improve for her and she is healing body and soul the danger gets real. Now what? Should she go back and save those she loves?

While I enjoyed the story, love the club characters, Sage and her daughter, Ax's attitude was hard for me to take. Will he come around. You'll have to decide. But never worry, there will be plenty of steam, club teasing, girls antics, and of course love.

Reviewed for Words Turn Me On


RB Hilliard lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, two teenagers, and crazy dog, Oscar. She loves music, a good book, red wine, chocolate, and to write twistedly suspenseful stories. Alpha men, rock stars, and sexy bikers are among her favorites, but don’t worry, if suspense isn’t your bag, she also writes funny tales about exceptionally hot men who are in desperate need of taming. In 2014, Hilliard published her first novel. She has since published multiple novels across several genres.


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