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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tethered by RC Martin

Title: Tethered
Series: Savior Series #2
Author: RC Martin
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: February 8, 2018 

she’s as constant as the Tide, the woman I let choose me for Eternity; I don’t deserve her, but it’s done. she’s mine. my Treasure. my wife. he is my Husband. I belong to him, body and soul. never have I Ever loved a man so fiercely. yet, when we’re Ripped apart, my love is crippling; it only intensifies the Excruciating nightmare of my reality. we said until Death do us part…without him, death is what I fear. 

I promised I’d protect her. now the absence of her makes me ache--the distance between us tugging at my innermost being.
that is who I am. that is who we are--bound as one. tethered together.

Intended for audiences 18+ years of age, due to explicit sexual content, language, and some violence.

I'm a born and bred Coloradan. While I now reside in Virginia, the land of the Rocky Mountains is where I've left a piece of my heart and where my characters come to life. I started writing love stories when I was seventeen, and I haven't been able to stop! With me, you'll find that I dabble in a few different romance genres, but my voice is one that's all about the heart. Writing is my dream; and as a dreamer, you can rest assured that there are many more novels in my head that I can hardly wait to share.


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