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Friday, February 23, 2018

Knights of Sin Series by Erin Trejo

Series: Knights of Sin MC Series
Author: Erin Trejo
Genre: MC Romance
Titles: Never Letting Go, Learning to Love, Fighting for a Chance, Keeping Faith, One More Try, and Promise of Love

MICAH: Ten years ago I fucked up. I pushed the one thing I loved the most away. I watched her run as far as she could. I ruined the love we had. I threw myself into the Marine's thinking I could get her out of my system. That didn't work.

When I came back I got the worst news ever. Or so I thought. Now I'm forced to keep a promise I made and find the one girl that stole my heart.

AUBRIE: We had a love that was stronger than it should have been. He threw it away though. After a series of unfortunate events, I was settled and stable. 

Happy? Not quiet but when Micah shows up and rocks my world to the core I'm forced back into my old life. A life I ran from. Now being back in the one place I used to call home, I don't know where I belong.


I really enjoyed this story. It's first book in series, and I'm hooked. I loved how it's a second chance book, and how it all plays out.

I loved Micah, his possessive, alpha male and loyal. He has a sweet side just for one person, but he has a deadly side too. He will do anything for his club, and those he considers family.

I loved Aubrey, she is sassy, feisty and funny. She is independent, and hard worker. She may have regrets in her life, but she doesn't look back on her past. She fights for what she wants.

I really loved this story, and I can't wait for more.

Bullet: I fought my way through life. Family was an important part of that. I kept myself away from them not wanting to see the disgust of my father. My club was all the family I needed. When I was taken and forced into a living hell, the one thing that kept me going was the unknown girl next to me. Getting her out alive was my priority. After I do, I have to make the toughest decision of my life.

Trinity: I was never wanted. My father used me to his advantage. I was taken for his debts. I thought I would die. I wanted to. That faceless man that kept me going was all I looked forward to. Until he was gone. When he finds me again, I have to learn to love. Can he be the one to show me how?


This was a heart warming story. Who knew touching fingers through a hole in a cement wall could cement such happiness. This story had loads of ups and downs, but it had more happiness than sad.

I loved bullet, he is caring, sweet and alpha male through and through. He is loyal to his brotherhood, lives for the brotherhood. He has a very sweet side.

I loved Trinity, she may of had a bad upbringing, but she is a funny, and feisty person. She fights for what she wants. Even when everyone tries to take her down.

I recommend this series, and book. I can't wait for more.


They were prisoners in adjoining cells. Through the torture and assaults, they supported each other. Bullet promised to save her. When he did he left her.
Trinity knew she could trust no one. Even the nameless man who kept her going through the torturous days and nights. Little did he know he'd put her back in another prison.
He left her for what he thought was a better life. He'd given up on family and chose the MC brothers who became his family. Would he rescue her again and if so what would he do? She deserved more.
I couldn't put this one down. That start I planned to do at three AM didn't stop until I read those two words--THE END.
I love the loyalty of the club members and their women, the strength of Trinity despite her life and imprisonment, the two sides of Bullet the killer and the lover.
I started the next one in the series and already have the next. Great series, yet each can be read alone.
Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

Dax: I was a fighter. I was good at it. When I met Laura I thought I was having a round of hot sex like usual. When I saw her for who she truly was, I wanted more. A lot more. She had her own problems but I wasn't ready to let go just yet. I'll fight for what I want even if she does push me away.

Laura: I have a past that won't go away. Literally. Hector hasn't gotten the message that I don't want him. A night with Dax turns into more. I didn't plan on it. Every single time I turned around, he was there and I found myself liking it. But Hector remains a problem. A problem that quickly gets out of hand.


Wow, what a book. It had my emotions all over the place, like I was on a rollercoaster. You couldn't help cheer them all on, wanting everything to work out. Fight for what you want, and don't let someone walk all over you.

I loved Dax, he is a womanizer, but has a huge heart. He is loyal to the brotherhood, and loves to fight. He has a big heart, and will fight for what he wants.

I loved Laura, she is funny, sassy and feisty. She works hard in her job, and is a great friend to Aubrey. She may be afraid of many things, but she will fight with everything she has.

I recommend this book, you will want to meet Dax and Laura.


Dax is a real player. He knows he can have any woman and manages to have plenty. No one tells him no--except the gorgeous Laura. She's a challenge he takes. Eventually. When he finds out she's being abused by her ex it brings back his past. A past he can't change but he can make a difference now.
Their future is different than either would have imagined. The club life isn't easy. She knows they are his family but she can't convince herself that they feel that way about her. Her ex remains a threat that Dax and the club decided to handle. Yet he is lethal too. Will they be able to get free from his threats and have a chance together?
This is another great MC read. The characters are real, loyal in their own way, dangerous even deadly, but a family with trust and support unsurpassed. There is more steam than a sauna. All in all you won't be able to put this one down either. 
Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

Kane: Unhappily married. Yeah, that sums up my life. I messed up with that shit decision. I still have my sister though. When I attend her wedding, I run into an old friend. Ivy. When she admits that she had feelings for me, I take her home like any good man would do. I didn't expect all the complications that came with it though. She was used before me and I want to show her that I'm not the same as him. The problem is, I am. 

Ivy: I fought cancer and won. I fought a useless husband and won. When I see Kane again, I lose. Badly. I always had a crush on him when we were kids. I never thought the feelings would still be there years later. One night with him and my world is thrown off balance. His club is his life and I know that. When my cancer comes back in full force, I do the one thing I can. I run. He will chase me. He told me he would. When the tables turn, will I do the same?


What a brilliant story. It is so well written, and deals with the issues so well. I couldn't put down this book.

I loved Kane, he is loving, loyal and total alpha male. He has a big heart, and he isn't scared to show it. He has a temper too.

I loved Ivy, she is sweet, and a hard worker. She has been through a lot, and keeps on fighting. She has a sassy side and she can be feisty.

I loved this series, and recommend it.


I love Kane and Ivy! Kane is an alpha MC brother with the club his family. Ivy is from his past. She's a bit younger but has grown into a beautiful woman. Kane wants her and what Kane wants he gets when it's a woman anyway.
Her girl's crush is full-blown adult feeling now. Her resistance is minimal until she finds he's still married but separated. He accepts her. She has a death threat hanging over her. Cancer. She doesn't want anyone to deal with that, especially since she was deserted when she needed her ex the most.
Their relationship builds during a dangerous time for the club. When her cancer comes back she tries to push Kane away. He's an immovable object. That is until the situation reverses and he's the one who pushes her away.
The conflict is heartbreaking, the steam hot and thick, the loyalties strong. The club's lines of right and wrong are not the same as everyone. Those lines never waver and the entire MC family is there to support their own. That is one of the major draws for me as a reader. For me, as a woman, all those hot guys aren't hard to take either.
This series is MC at it's best. Each book can be on its own, however, you will want to read more. I sure did.
Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

Dark. Damaged. Out of control.

Darkness has always surrounded me. It’s what I was used to. My past haunts me with every blink of my eyes. I’ve done things that you can not even imagine. One drunken night with Shannon, my club’s president’s niece and I was fucked again. We all knew she was off limits, yet I was the loophole. I wrecked and ruined her thinking my demons would tear her limb for limb. What I didn’t expect was to have feelings for her. What I expected even less was for her to reciprocate those feelings. So many things happen and now I’m seeing her for who she truly is. Now I wonder if she’s just as dark and damaged as I am.


What amazing story. I couldn't put this down once I started. You couldn't help but get sucked into the story, and feel everyone's emotions. I cried, laughed and cheered throughout this story.

I loved Shannon, she is strong, huge heart and loyal to her family.

I loved Bash, he seems scary, and a bad guy. But he really does have a heart. I didn't like him at beginning, but he grew on me.

I really enjoyed this story.


Sebastian: Killer. Never known love. Have 'em and leave 'em. No way was he ready to have a kid.
Shannon: Young. Recovering from a brutal kidnapping. Protected by her brother's MC--where she met Bash. He'd been warned not to touch her as all the brothers had been. Too much to drink and an unaccountable draw brought them together and left her pregnant--and rejected.
Now what? She went to school. She stayed at the clubhouse. She couldn't avoid Bash. When he realized how broken she still was from it all it worked through his defenses. But is he good enough?
Can these two find their way to a future? With the danger hunting the MC and Shannon, will they even have a chance?
This is not for the sweet love reader, this is gritty story with characters that will make you wonder if you can even like them and then find yourself loving them and wanting their happiness. The author makes the MC real. You can like them. Hate them. But you'll never feel just warm about them.
If you are an MC fan or have wanted to check them out this is one series you'll want to read.
Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

Link: I was a virgin. Yeah, the laugh of the club. It didn't bother me though. I saw the way my parent's and I didn't want to be like that. I love this club. I'd do anything for them. When I met Jordyn, that loyalty was tested. The things that happened between us quickly defined us. I've held out hope that love was out there for me. 

Jordyn: I ran from one bad situation to another. When the club I fell into sent me to another to get information, I thought it would be easy. I didn't think I'd fall for the man I was supposed to be spying on. Not wanting to hurt him, I ran. He found me. Now I have to face the music and the man I've fallen for.

I am a wife, mother, child chauffeur and author. I love being able to create different characters and spin a web that makes them come together in the end. My books do not stick to just one genre, they span many. 

I write about things that are real life situations and fairy tales are not always smooth sailing. My MC books are hard and gritty and they have struggles just like you would in life. 

I also have books that are not so in your face. There are several that are good love stories that are fraught with issues that the characters have to deal with.


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