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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cover Reveal My Sexy Boss by Chiah Wilder

#CoverReveal→ My Sexy Boss

By Chiah Wilder

Contemporary Romance

Releasing October 23rd 


A sexy standalone romance novel.


Trace Prescott was the reason I was in the nightclub consoling my friend’s bruised ego and shattered heart. 

Then all of a sudden, there he was in the same club, flocked by a bunch of women. 

And he had the audacity to check me out and flirt with me while I was getting another drink for my heartbroken friend.

Well, I went ballistic. I didn’t hold back and I told him exactly what I thought of his arrogant, cheating ways. 

He made my friend think she was a queen with all the expensive gifts and dinners, but he forgot to tell her he had a princess he was banging on the side.


And all the good-looking jerk did was smirk as I ranted. I almost threw my glass of champagne in his face, but he wasn’t worth the fifteen dollars it cost me.

Feeling good, I stormed off. But I did sneak peeks at him for the rest of the night and hated that he caught me each time.

Who cared? I wouldn’t ever see him again.

Imagine my surprise the following morning when my new boss turned out to be arrogant, sexy-as-sin Trace Prescott.

If I didn’t need the job, I’d quit, but I was stuck, and I refused to let his ripped body or good looks seduce me. I was a professional and would act like one. Yeah… easier said than done.


I noticed her right away, bending over the bar ordering her drinks in a black dress that hugged all her curves just right. I didn’t expect her to turn on me like a wildcat, cursing and telling me what a jerk I was to her friend. It took me a moment to figure out which friend she was talking about.

Women were drawn to me, and that suited me just fine. I loved being with them, and I always made sure I left them smiling and with memories that would last them a lifetime after I moved on. 

I was great with seducing a woman just not so good with relationships.

But the way the feisty chestnut-haired woman yelled at me, got to me. She was a challenge, but she stormed out before I could make a move on her. Too bad.

Not for long. Guess who was working for me? 

Yep, the sexy wildcat. 

And I couldn’t wait to start taming her.

HEA. 18+

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