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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cover Reveal: Captured by the Barbarian by Abella Ward

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Captured by the Barbarian 

by Abella Ward


I’ve been kidnapped - there’s nowhere to go. I’m stuck on a space ship with an insanely hot alien.

Jada Isles owns a dating agency that connects human women with the sexy T’shav aliens. But when she sees her new client’s D*rito-shaped torso, she decides to meet him herself.

Sildon has only one love in his life: The sword that was left to him by his grandfather. Until he sees Jada. Her femininity, lush curves, thick thighs and full lips drive him insane. 

But there’s no time to let her beauty get to his head. Sildon is on a mission. He has to kidnap her for ransom.

All goes according to plan. Until Sildon finds out how strong-willed Jada is. But even though her mind should be focused on escaping, she can’t stop staring at the well-defined “V” below his perfect six-pack.

And soon another challenge presents itself when they come across a baby being sold on the slave market.
Does this mercenary have a heart after all? Can Jada and Sildon contain the heat slowly building up between them? Is he prepared to do the one thing that could destroy everything else?

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Snippet #1:

Being held in the sexy kidnapper's arms wasn't exactly something she was all too distressed about. If anything, the distress came from the fact that despite him kidnapping her, she wouldn't mind if he carried her to bed… or even just pushed her against the wall and had his way with her.

Snippet #2: 

"You know nothing about me, human," he growled in his deep, gravelly voice. Combined with his body against hers, it sent tingles of heat through her body. Her core tightened, and no amount of telling herself that it was her stomach clenching in fear could erase the truth. 


Abella Ward has always dreamed of visiting other planets and being swept off her feet by a hot, bluish alien warlord. When that warlord didn’t come, she started taking pleasure in writing books about her fantasies instead.

Abella loves to write sexy stories about ruthless alpha males. Her books contain three things: hot aliens, steamy romance and lots of action. Nothing else. Oh, and happy endings, of course.

She likes stargazing on her rooftop, treating herself and her curves to the occasional box of ice cream and visiting rock concerts. She lives with her husband (who may not be an alien but could be described as a warlord in his own way) and dog in Arizona.

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