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Monday, October 19, 2015

Set In Sparks Blog Tour


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Set In Sparks
A Morning Star Novel
Book 2
by Sam Destiny
Blog Tour October 17th-31st

Set In Flames - Book 1

Novella: Set to Start

Set In Sparks - Book 2

Set In Sparks Synopsis:
One Queen - one impossible fate

Maya, Queen of the Morningstar, knew that she wanted to change the race,
but while everything around her seemed to settle down, her world was
thrown into chaos when she took the blood of her mate's twin. Now she's
trying hard to find out what her heart wants while being the Queen her
people deserve. One thing she is sure she won't have to worry about is
Cany. Problem is, still waters run deep.

One girl - a storm of emotions

Cany is the first girl in the Queen's court - and probably the person with
the biggest secret. She is used to keeping her emotions in check, but then
suddenly Ryder, the queen's brother, makes it his mission to draw her out
of her shell. A whirlwind of feelings take hold of her as secrets unravel
and destinies get revealed. But if Cany loses her calm, there's a chance
people lose their lives.

Cover-Designer: Airicka Phoenix at Airicka’s Mystical Creations

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About the Author:
Once upon a time there was a young girl with her head full of dreams and her heart full of stories. Her parents, though not a unit, always supported her and told her more stories, encouraging her to become what she wanted to be. The problem was, young Sam didn't know what she wanted to be, so after getting her A-levels she started studying Computer Science and Media. After not even one year she realized it wasn't what her heart wanted, and so she stopped, staying home and trying to find her purpose in life. Through some detours she landed an internship and eventually an apprenticeship in a company that sells cell phones. Not a dreamy career, but hey. Today she's doing an accounting job from nine-to-five, which mainly consists of daydreaming and scribbling notes wherever she can. All through that time little Sam never once lost the stories in her heart, writing a few little of them here and there, writing for and with her best friend, who always told her to take that last step.

Only when a certain twin-couple entered her mind, bothering her with ideas and talking to her nonstop did she start to write down their story - getting as far as thinking she could finish it. Through the help of some author friends, and the encouragement of earlier mentioned best friend, little Sam, now not so little anymore and in her twenty-seventh year, decided to try her luck as an Indie author. She finished the story of the first twin, Jaden, and realized she couldn't ever stop.

So, it really is only after five that the real Sam comes out. The one that hungers for love, romance, some blood, a good story, and, at the end of the day, a nice hot cup of Chai Tea Latte.

And if the boys are still talking to her, she'll write happily ever after.

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