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Friday, October 16, 2015

Gabriel by Bonny Capps

Gabriel by Bonny Capps

Title: Gabriel

Author: Bonny Capps

Genre: Dark Erotica

Release Date: 25 September 2015

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This is a continuation of "Deliverance for Amelia".

If you’re looking for a knight in shining armor, a princess or a fairy godmother, then this is not the story for you.
This is a dark novel. Read at your own risk.

I hate the word yesterday, just like I loathe
the idea of tomorrow.

Where would I be without them? Not here. Not anywhere.

Because, where I am dwindling away in the madness is neither
here nor there.

My mind is my tormentor, and I am the masochist.

No-matter how I justify it - the blood will always be on my hands. The shadow that lingers wins. He always does, and he will eventually lead me to my demise.

All in due time.

The truth will soon be uncovered.


As soon as I woke in here, I knew it was him. I knew, because his eyes told me a dangerous story. I knew, because he made me feel. It was either falling for him, or this. Ironically, I would choose this over love.

Life has taught me that love can be the most dangerous, painful thing that you will ever encounter.
The lock clicks, but I don’t bother to look. There isn’t a point in allowing myself to believe in his beauty over his intentions. Intentions are what matter.

“Come here.”

Without a word, I stand and approach him, keeping my eyes locked onto his chest.

My body grows rigid when he reaches towards my tank top, his fingers pinching the hem as he lifts the fabric.

This, this is when I am certain that I’ll lose my shit. No other man has touched me, I’ve never allowed it. Not after what my father did. How are you supposed to trust anyone else after the one man that was supposed to love and protect you hurt you time and time again? I’ll tell you how – you don’t. You live the rest of your life trusting no one.

I grab his wrists and my eyes find his as I slowly shake my head, “Please.”

“It doesn’t work that way. It’s time that you face your demons.”

I step away, “Then let me. I can undress myself.”

He tilts his head as he steps forward, “Lesson one. Trust.” He grasps the fabric as my hands frantically grab at it, but it’s no use as he rips it down the middle.

I drop to my knees as the sobs rock through me like a thunderstorm, but he grabs my arms and pulls me back to my feet.

I feel his breath on my lips as I squeeze my eyes shut, “Look at me, Dani.”

Keeping my eyes shut, I turn my head to the side.

“Look at me!” He roars, causing me to flinch.

I refuse, and he fists my hair, pulling my head back and grasping my jaw tightly in his large hand, 

“Love, I am not a patient man when it comes to bratty girls not behaving when given a command.” 

His voice is wavering as he tries to calm himself, but I feel his insanity filling the air – it’s so dense that I feel as if my lungs are unable to fully expand.

My eyes spring open, allowing the tears to stream down my cheeks, “Go fuck yourself, you asshole!”

He sneers at me as his fist tightens in my hair, “You would do well to learn to watch your tongue,” 

He leans in close, his eyes shining with annoyance, “Or I will rip it out.”

Before I can respond, he turns and yanks me behind him. I fall, and the stone floor bites into my hipbone, causing me to yelp. I kick and scream as he drags me from the room and down the hall.

I claw at his arm as he drags me by my hair, but he doesn’t falter. I’ve angered him, and now he will make me pay the price.

I’m dragged into another room. The air leaves my lungs. I feel like I’ve been catapulted back into the medieval ages. Hooks are hanging, chains meant to imprison are bolted down and whips are everywhere.

He makes quick work of removing my pajama pants as I wiggle about. He succeeds, then he grasps my ankles and then my wrists, quickly cuffing them. The chains allow no movement as my knees are pulled beneath me and my hands are stretched above my head.

I tilt my head up and look around frantically, but he’s outside of my line of vision. “You’re a sick man, Gabriel! You can’t do this! Do you hear me?”

He doesn’t respond, and I shriek as he begins spraying me down with cold water.

He’s relentless as he washes me down. When he begins spraying my face, I choke as the water gets inside of my nose and throat.

Finally, he stops and kneels down in front of me, “You don’t get it.”

“Get… what…?” I say between coughs.

He smiles slightly as he looks into my eyes, “You are mine now, your demons belong to me, and I will make you face them. You can’t keep running away, Dani.”

Then, he kisses my head before turning and leaving me alone to shiver in the cold puddle of water beneath me.


“I was disgusted – yet intrigued.” (yup, that about sums it up)

Wow! I have never been on a roller coaster that goes from 0- 80 in a split second, takes you 10 miles straight up, then drops you right back down hitting a cork screw loop de loop, but this book made me feel like I imagine that would!! I say this with the nicest intention behind it, this author is one fucked up lady. She has taken the number one darkest, most twisted author slot and it doesn’t sound like she has any intentions of giving it up any time soon. This book was not what I thought it was going to be about and when my mistake dawned on me, the noise I made had my child running in the room to find out what happened. At times I wanted to yell at the author WTF!??! (Well, thanks to messenger on Facebook I actually did!) But as she promised me, in the end it all comes together and makes sense. I spent the next hour rocking in the corner of my room blankly staring at the wall. HOLY DARKNESS BOOK WORLD, HOLY DARKNESS. This book contains what could be a lot of triggers, so please, PLEASE, PLEASE heed the authors warning!! I give this book 5 dark as a totally eclipsed moon stars with 3.5 hands down the pants!!

I worry about you Ms. Capps, I do!

“…monsters do not dwell in your closets or under your bed… They live inside of your head.” Or this book!


About the Author
I've been labelled many things: eccentric, a hippie, a lover, a fighter... But most importantly a mother first, a wife second and a writer third.

I was originally born and raised in Texas. I currently do not have a set home. For me, home is where you lie your head - the next location unknown. Seven months ago, my two boys and I decided to hop on the semi with the hubby and travel the United States. The experience has been liberating.

Writing is my heart and soul. I started writing poetry when I was a kid. It was a great outlet for me. I went through a lot in my younger years, and when I decided to give writing a shot, it came naturally. In fact, when I was upset I would write letters to others because the words could never escape my tongue. I found that the thoughts swirling in my mind would spill onto paper, and honestly - writing saved my life.

I didn't think writing a novel was a possibility. I tried for years and could never get past the 2nd paragraph. So, in turn, I stopped writing all together - for years.

I fell into a hopeless call center job and my soul felt drained. One day, on my way to said job an idea spilled into the forefront of my mind. Her name was Mandy, and she was screaming for attention. I couldn't ignore her, so I parked my car and starting writing her story. Six months later, "The Boy in the Mirror" was born. Characters started clawing their way from the depths of my mind after that, and I thought - wow, this is it. This is where I belong. This is my calling.

I love adding a magical element to my stories. Where things may seem hopeless, there's so much more than what meets the eye. Magic comes in so many different forms, but most importantly, you can find magic in the goodness of humanity. My stories focus on different issues that we all may face in our lives. I love writing about characters who are crippled, but they find a way to overcome their dilemmas.

I write young adult, new adult, erotica, horror, dark... I write what comes to me. The stories that scream to be written - they find a way on paper. It is my honor to bring these characters to you and their stories.


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