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Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Release: Brotherhood of Misfits, Book One: ROC Author: Khai L. Bayne

Title: Brotherhood of Misfits, Book One: ROC
Author: Khai L. Bayne
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Mystery
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What would you do with a second chance at life?
Would you go back to the same things that you were doing before, or would you embrace that chance and take a new path?
Being the byproduct of a single parent home growing up, I learned quickly that life wasn’t easy and it damn sure wasn’t fair. I was faced with a choice back then; continue to stand back and watch my mother struggle with working three jobs to pay bills, put food in our stomachs, and clothes on our backs or do something about it. I chose to do something about it and for three years everything was going well, until the day that my life changed forever.
When I met Jethro-Elijah ‘Eli’ Shepard, he told me that just because I wasn’t given a choice in how my life was dealt to me, didn’t mean that I’m not given a chance. He showed me that no matter what people say about you and what life throws your way, that you always have the option to either accept it or defy the odds to become something greater.
My name is Archibald ‘Roc’ Rochester and when I was seventeen, I was given my second chance. How did it turn out? Well, you’ll just have to read my story to find out.
********This book is intended for mature audiences. It is a Fucked Up Ever After so the road to the end is not all pretty shit and unicorn farts. It contains scenes of domestic abuse and violence. If these types of scenes are a trigger or sensitive subject to anyone, please do NOT purchase. This book also contains sexual situations that are not suitable for anyone under age.********

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Brotherhood of Misfits Book One: Roc by Khai L. Bayne

Troubled youth given a chance to make better choices come together in the brotherhood of misfits. In all honesty, while reading the prologue, I really didn’t think I was going to make it through this book. This first chapter is chock full of Ebonics and I found myself on Urban Dictionary quit often. But I stuck with it and I am so glad I did. Although tough for this suburbanite to read, the voice in this chapter is absolutely necessary to set the tone for the book and luckily the rest of the book is not as hard to read, although I did need to consult Urban Dictionary a few more times.

Can I just say I LOVE ROC (aka Archibald Rochester, but don’t you dare call him that if you know what is good for you!)? This cast of characters is urban and rough around the edges. The females (Kenika and Seven) are badass; take no shit strong ass females, just the way I like them. Roc’s friends, Jinx, Paul, Longshadow and Tobias are an interesting mixture. Ok well, Tobias is interesting the rest are good guys at heart. Seven and Lonny are a mysterious duo and I can’t wait to learn more about their secrets. I couldn’t put this book down and am ready for the next one. I give this book 5 stars. 

About The Author

Growing up in a small town Khai L. Bayne always had an over active imagination. The only girl in a family with two boys, many of her nights (and some days.) were spent finding creative ways to pass the time. The daughter of a long time “Trekkie” and “Sci-Fi Junkie”, you could say it was imbedded into her DNA to be a fan of the paranormal world. Now over three decades later, her depraved imagination and love for the world of “Grown-up make believe”. She has decided to share her depravity with the rest of the world.      

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