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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

New Release ~ Royally Treasured Royal Sons MC #4

Royally Treasured - Royal Sons MC #4

Genre: Contemporary Romance MC


Lennox had big dreams…until one night all her hopes and dreams came
crashing down, sending her running back home.

Duke is judge, jury, and executioner…when it comes to those who fall under his
protection, he’ll stop at nothing to keep them safe.

Life lessons are sometimes best given with a little help…as Duke finds those responsible for hurting Lennox, he’ll make sure they pay the ultimate price with a
little help from some friends. Will she be able to accept the man he is, knowing
he isn’t a knight in shining armor? Lennox has been through hell, but having a
man like Duke willing to do anything to keep her safe is more than she could
hope for.
Welcome to the Royal Sons, y’all. They might seem like the good guys, but
they’re hot, they’re bad, they’re dirty, and they’re gonna drag you down to Hell
with them, but you’ll have a smile on your face the entire time and you’ll enjoy
every minute of the ride.


“I’ll always catch you, Dancer.” He put her a little away from him. There were a thousand
ways to take what he said. His eyes bore into hers as she took a step away. “No more running
from me, from us. You want wings, I’ll help you find your way to fly, but I’ll be dammed if I let
you soar over flames when I can take the heat and let you ride the clouds.”
Her heart flipped and tiny butterflies fluttered in her stomach at the words he’d said and
didn’t say. He wasn’t saying he wanted to clip her wings, but wanted to keep her safe. “That was, no is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.”
He nodded. “I can do sweet. I can do dirty. What I can’t do is watch you leave again. Nine
minutes. Get going. I’ll use the bathroom down the hall. We got a lot to talk about after I talk to
Lennox pressed a hand to her stomach. “Alright,” she agreed.
Duke left the bedroom, taking the air with him, or at least that’s what it felt like to her. She
made quick work of using the bathroom, brushing her teeth and hair. “Holy shit, I look like
something the cat dragged in,” she said to her reflection. After she swept her hair into a ponytail, swapped the pajamas for another borrowed outfit, she headed out in search of Duke.
Voices drew her to the kitchen where she found King and Duke seated at the counter while
Ayesha stood at the stove, pulling out a pan from the oven. “Can I help?” she asked.
“Sure, butter some toast?” Ayesha nodded toward the counter where a toaster sat with a loaf
of bread next to it.
“I offered. Why’d I get shot down?” Duke asked.
“Because you burn toast, brother,” King said.
Tiana came in, rubbing her eyes. “Mornin’, everyone. What smells so good?”
“I made eggbake,” Ayesha announced.
Lennox looked at the two baking dishes with a nice layer of melted cheese on top. “Um,
what is eggbake?” she asked.
“It’s an old family recipe where you take hash browns and layer the bottom of the pan, then
you mix eggs, shredded, or chopped ham, cheddar cheese, a little bit of salt and pepper, pour that over the hash browns, layer more cheese on top and bake covered for an hour or so. Once the eggbake is done, you uncover and let the cheese brown.”
“That sounds delicious.” She got to work popping bread into the toaster, buttering them all
while feeling Duke’s eyes on her. The man made her nervous on a level she wasn’t all too sure
she was ready for. Turning around with her hands full of toast, she met his intent stare, whatever her reservations might be, there was no doubt he would bulldoze right over them. And knowing her heart, mind, and body the way she did, she also knew there would be no way she would utter one protest. She’d wanted that sexy as sin biker since she’d decided Ken and Barbie should sleep in the same bed in her playhouse, only she’d named them after her and Duke. Her nipples hardened beneath his gaze, a reaction he zeroed in on if his little grin was any indication.
“You need any help, Dancer?” he asked in a smooth velvet voice.
Oh she needed help. Only the help she needed would most likely get King to do more than
bang on their door and yell. “No, I’m good. You need a refill before I sit down?” She nodded
toward his mostly empty coffee cup.
“I got it, sit down, Lennox.” Ayesha poured coffee into King’s cup then Duke’s.
They all sat down, eating like a family. Lennox couldn’t remember the last time she’d done
anything so…normal. “This is wonderful, Ayesha.” She held her fork up with the last bite of her
breakfast on it.
The other woman beamed. “Thanks. I don’t mind cooking.”
“I hate it,” Tiana said. “Can I go?”
“You’re on clean up duty, ma’am.” Ayesha leaned against King as he put his arm around
her, letting him speak.
Lennox scooted her chair back. “I’ll help.”
Duke put his hand on her arm. “Sit down. T’s got it.”
She opened her mouth to argue, closing it when she recognized the warning glint in Duke’s.
Without a word, she slid back into the chair, taking a sip of her coffee. Ayesha had her lower lip
inside her mouth. Clearly she too wanted to do or say something, but there was undercurrents
going on that Lennox knew nothing about.
Tiana stomped to the sink, taking her plate and the others that were empty with her. She
didn’t say a word other than to sigh loudly while wiping the scraps down the garbage disposal
before loading the dishwasher.
“Duke and I need to head to the clubhouse. You three can head up about forty-five minutes
after us.” King made it an order more so than a recommendation.
“Sounds like a plan. What do you want to do for lunch?” Ayesha asked.
King pulled her out of the chair she was in, turning her to face him. Her legs easily moved to
straddle his lap. “Mmm, I have a few requests,” he murmured.
“Ugg, really?” Tiana groaned.
Lennox stared at the young girl, worried she would get into trouble for her outburst. Her first
instinct was to jump in front of Tiana, protecting her from King. “Um, I—” her words were cut

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Elle Boon is a reader first and foremost…and of course if you know her she's the
crazy lady with purple hair. She's also a USA Today Bestselling Author who lives
in Middle-Merica as she likes to say…with her husband and Kally Kay her black
lab who also thinks she's her writing partner (She happens to sit next to her
begging for treats and so takes a lot of credit). She has two amazing kids Jazz
and Goob and is a MiMi to one adorable little nugget named Romy or RomyGirl
(greatest job EVER) who has totally won over everyone who sees hers (If
anyone says a hair bow is too big they're crazy). She’s known for saying “Bless
Your Heart” and dropping lots of F-bombs (I mean lots of F-BOMBS but who is
keeping track?).

She loves where this new journey has taken her and has no plans on stopping.
She writes what she loves to read, and that’s romance, whether it’s about Navy
SEALs, HOT as F**K MC heroes, or paranormal alphas. #dontlookdown is a
thing you will need to google. "wink" With all her stories you're guaranteed a
happily ever after, no matter what twisted thing her mind has come up with. Her
biggest hope is that after readers have read one of her stories, they fall in love
with her characters as much as she does. She loves creating new worlds, and
has more stories just waiting to be written. Elle believes in happily ever after and
can guarantee you will always get one within the pages of her books.
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