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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

COVER REVEAL - High Tide by Alyson Santos

★ ★ ★COVER REVEAL!★ ★ ★

High Tide, an all-new angsty and emotional romance by Alyson Santos releasing June 14th!

Add it to your TBR -

Emma Andrews has a plan.

Grocery lists, daily task lists, five, ten, twenty year plans, so what if she’s the list whore everyone says? They must know survival depends on the protective shell of structure.

Her past was chaos.
Her future will be anything but.

Order. Intent. Purpose. She can’t afford to stray from her lists. Definitely can’t take risks or let go like other university students. And at the very top of the no’s? She absolutely, positively cannot fall for temptations like Christian Lukáč—the enigmatic lifeguard who explodes into her life and threatens the very foundation of her fortress.

Emma Andrews had a plan.
Christian Lukáč blew it up

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