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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Book Blitz: Interlude (FourMain, #1) by Kay Halliday

Title: Interlude (FourMain, #1)

Author: Kay Halliday

Release Date: April 18th 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Designer: Perfect Pear Creative Covers

Photographer: JW Photography

Cover Models: Amanda Joan & Travis Keen

Rock star Kendrick Main is living the dream—or so it seems to the outside world.

In reality, he’s trapped in a lie that’s consuming his soul and destroying his family. For years, the owner of his record label has manipulated and blackmailed him, forcing him to deceive the world and hide the existence of those he loves the most: his wife and children. 

Unable to see a way out that won’t destroy the lives of his bandmates and brothers, he loses himself in the bottle. His downward spiral ends when he wakes up in intensive care after a near-fatal drunken crash. With nothing left to lose, he buys out of his contract and announces the existence of his wife and kids to the waiting paparazzi. 

Penniless and lost, he has nothing to show for his former success but a broken family and a mile-long list of people he’s let down. When the pain and suffering that surrounds him trickles down to his children, Kendrick vows to right his wrongs—hopefully taking down the man who ruined his life and winning his wife back in the process. 


Interlude (FourMain, #1)

Text Copyright © 2017 Kay Halliday

All Rights Reserved

After covering Clara with the blankets, Eliza starts playing with her hair and singing to her softly.

Clara yawns and sleepily says, “No singing.”

I nearly laugh out loud, but manage to refrain. Whereas I am musically gifted, Eliza can’t hold a tune to save her life. There is not a musical bone in her body. It’s yet another of the many reasons I love her.

Back home in Pennsylvania, my dad is a music professor and my mom teaches music at an elementary school. I got my first guitar before I could walk and was immediately hooked. 

Until Eliza and I got together, my entire life revolved almost completely around music. Her total lack of any musical sense or ability was refreshing and unique, and once I became famous, it became like a refuge from the industry that was consuming me.

Eliza is well aware of her handicap, so she isn’t upset by Clara’s request. I can just make out her smile in the dim light. “I know. Daddy is so much better than I am,” she admits.

Clara is quiet for a while and I think maybe she’s fallen asleep, but then I hear her little voice.

“Does Daddy still love me?” she asks.

Upon hearing my child doubt my love for her, my heart aches, my stomach churns, and the urge to drown myself in a bottle of hard liquor is almost overwhelming. I want nothing more than to make myself numb to the pain. I am so overcome with shock and despair that I don’t even reach for my rubber band. Yet another precious name goes on the list of people I’ve let down.

“Of course he does!” Eliza assures her. “Why would you think that?”

“Daddy used to say he sang to us to show how much he loves us,” Clara explains. “Now he doesn’t sing at all.”

“Oh, honey,” Eliza says sadly, leaning down and cuddling Clara. “Daddy loves you so much, whether he sings to you or not. He’s just having a really hard time right now. When he sang to other people, it caused a lot of trouble that hurt lots of people. For now, even singing to us reminds him of that, and it hurts his heart.”

My child questioning my love, my wife brought to tears on my behalf, the shattered mess of my once beautiful life—it’s all more than I can bear.

Kay lives in the Sunshine State with her husband and three kids. She’s had ideas for stories running through her head her entire life, but started writing seriously to retain her sanity as a stay at home mom. She’s random, opinionated, and a total science nerd. Her hobbies include reading, watching football, eating donuts, and singing badly.

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