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WTMO Promotional Services

Words Turn Me On (WTMO) Promotional Services

Visibility is key to making sales. Increase your reach with us by leveraging the Words Turn Me On social media network with customized posts and tweets.

Perplexed by hashtags, HTML, ARC distribution and other technical issues? Don't worry, we do it all for you.

We do the work, so that you can get back to writing!

Instant social media boost....having a quick sale? Want a book release boost? Increase your reach with customized posts and tweets.

The Words Turn Me On Facebook page audience 5800+
Ingenious Indie Promotions Facebook page audience 1000+

All promotions include the following:

Contacting all 2300+ blogs on our ever-growing database
Gain sign ups via Social Media posting
Preparation of a Media Kit, including HTML, if applicable

For best results, give us one month to arrange promotions.

You can fill out this form to select the services you are interested in:

Instant Social Media Boost
Having a quick sale? Want a book release boost? Increase your reach with customized posts and tweets.

The Words Turn Me On Facebook page audience 5800+
Ingenious Indie Promotions Facebook page audience 1000+

Additional, FREE:
A post on our Beautifully READ Blog
A post on Words Turn Me On Blog

A post on Ingenious Indie Promotions Blog

We will cross-post to 10 popular Facebook pages. We will give you 3 Tweets on our Words Turn Me On Twitter feed.

1 day - $15
2 days - $20
3 Days - $25

Buzz Builders: 
Cover Reveals and Release Blitzes
Promote instant buzz over social media and secure long-lasting promotion through permanent blog posts.

Give us your book cover, blurb, teasers and links and we will:
~ Create and distribute a Media Kit for blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google+
~ Actively recruit bloggers to post for you
~Organize a Facebook page post campaign.
Free: We will help boost your message over Twitter.

1 day unlimited sign=ups - $30
7 days unlimited sign-ups - $75

Review Only Tours 
Need more reviews on your book?
Unlimited sign ups $50.00.
This tour will run 1 month during which time WTMO will continue to promote through emails to bloggers and through social media.
Distribution of ARC’s/Published Book
 For an additional $10, we will include the set-up and distribution of a Media Kit to interested bloggers.

Author Spotlight Tours 
Allow reviewers to choose from a variety of your books.

Do you have a first book in a series that needs more reviews and you are working on the next book? We can offer a review only tour for book one and a blog tour for latter books in the series for $100 (normally $115). 

Bargain Book Promotion
Tell the world about your sale!
If your book is on sale, we offer a bargain book promotion. 
This includes:
6 tweets per day — will be the same text on each tweet.
Placement on our Facebook pages and our Google+ pages daily.
What will this cost?
1 day of promotion – $10
Each additional day – $5

Book Sales Blitz
Having a Sale? We can help you spread the word.
5-7 days - Reviews included. Unlimited sign-ups $50.00

Cover Reveal - 1 day
Unlimited sign-ups - $30

Release Blitz - 1 day
Unlimited sign-ups - $30

Mini Book Spotlight – 2-3 days
Unlimited sign-ups - $30
Reviews not included.

Virtual Book Tours
Includes book spotlights, reviews and limited author guest posts if author is interested in providing. If the author is interested, WTMO will schedule and participate in a takeover on a Facebook page that fits the book’s genre or set up a Facebook event (see below).
~ 1 week – $75
~ 2 weeks - $100
~ 3 weeks - $140
~ 4 weeks - $185

Author Spotlight Tour 
Good for authors with multiple books and series - includes book/series spotlights, reviews and limited author guest posts. 
~ 1 week – $75
~ 2 weeks - $100
~ 3 weeks - $140
~ 4 weeks - $185

A Giveaway is not required, but highly encouraged. It's an incentive for people to stop by and visit the blogs who sign up to participate. Prizes can be gift cards, eBooks, physical books, swag or anything else you think you'd like to giveaway.

Promoting a teaser, new release, etc. to blogs, groups and on social media through email, PM, and other methods. We actively recruit bloggers to sign up for a promotional post to spotlight your book.

Facebook Release Party Event
8 hour event - $80; 4 hour event $40 Includes event set-up, contact with guests, banners and teasers for promotion and participation.

Author PA/PR Services
We offer PA Services to interested authors. $50/month

The PA service package includes posts to Facebook reading/book groups. We try
for 10 per day. We post the book information to our Facebook page every 3 days at different times of the day to reach as many people around the globe as
possible. We will also post to our Blog and Twitter page weekly. We are the
administrators for Beautifully READ blog and Ingenious Indie Promotions blog, so the book information with also post there. We will also send a media kit to at least 50 blogs per week asking them to post the information and up load the author to Author Database. If we are given access to the Facebook page, we will do posting, giveaways, theme days and help with street teams.

We realize different authors have different needs, so we are open to discussion
and negotiation of add-on’s. If hired as PA’s, the author is entitled to a 15% discount on promotional services.

If you are interested, please email to discuss details and needs.

Add On to any of the Above Services/
A la Carte Items

$15 – Thunderclap/Headtalker Campaign - This would include setting up a campaign, and daily marketing of that campaign to assure success.

$15 - Rafflecopter:  Preparation of Rafflecopter and pulling winners after giveaway is complete

$20 - Need just a Media Kit? We will set one up for you. Includes HTML for easy cut and paste for your bloggers and easy copy/paste for social media.

$15 - Need only an HTML Creation? Do you have your own list of blogger contacts and want to send out your promotional packet? Words Turn Me On can create that for you!

$10 each - Need teasers? We can help with that!

0.0015 Per Word $USD  
For example a 60,000 word count would be $90
Report inconsistencies, plot holes Suggest improvements( readers POV) Highlight noticed grammatical errors may not catch all grammar mistakes, as we read to concentrate on the story.

Half due at sign-up and remainder due at completion of services.

Updated October 2016