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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Deadly Betrayal by Lee Anne Jones

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Country music star January Winters knew the rise to fame would be hard. She never expected her arrival to be met with danger. But when a stalker’s attempts go from creepy to deadly, even the fearlessly independent Jan gives into her producer’s demands that they hire a bodyguard. But that was before she realized who would be guarding her body…
A knee injury might have ruined his football career, but it didn’t stop Dino Machiavelli from becoming the best bodyguard in Vegas. He can literally pick and choose his assignments—and he never picks guarding diva celebrities. At least not until his boss makes one assignment impossible for him to refuse and he finds himself too close for comfort with the one girl that ripped out his heart fifteen years ago.
When the stalker’s actions escalate, Dino and Jan fight their sizzling attraction as they come to the shocking realization that the stalker may be closer to Jan the either of them ever imagined. And it might be too late to show each other their love again with a maniac intent on murder.



Romantic Suspense, this one fills the need of romance readers and intrigue/mystery readers as well. High school sweethearts, with parental issues are forced back together. Fifteen years and January more than fulfilled her dream for a country music career, however Dino's football future had been smashed along with his knee. Forced together again when a possible stalker threatens the woman he can't forget, and his boss refuses to assign someone else as bodyguard.

Dino didn't know why she ended their relationship and she had allowed her own issues to end them. Now she has to to see him every day. What began as some emails and hangups quickly develops into much more. His doubt that she is really in danger soon becomes fear for her safety. None of his efforts those of his top notch security firm seem to be able to find and stop the threats.

A mystery buff I have pretty good odds in figuring out the guilty party. This time it took almost to the end, and I wasn't positive until all was revealed. How is the stalker able to play on both of their long standing issues? And what about the knowledge of her work? Nothing seems to add up or at least to any one person.

Can they go back to that place that ended so abruptly and take up as adults to a mature relationship? Will the stalker draw them closer or farther apart? Enjoy the read finding out.

~ Cheri, WTMO Reviewer ~


It felt as if sleeping beside him, skin to skin, heart to heart, had weaved a tiny golden thread between them and around her heart and it didn’t matter if they never spoke of last night again. Her heart remembered. And with each remembrance, that tiny golden thread squeezed a little tighter, bringing her closer to him whether she wanted to be or not. Fifteen years they’d waited and wondered and wished for this moment. Her lips tingled, remembering the first time he’d kissed her behind the bleachers after the homecoming football game. He’d been so proud of their win and she’d been completely in love with the school’s star linebacker. It had been a sweet kiss, all gentle and soft and full of yearning. Her heart ached for the innocent kids they’d been. Innocent until… Awareness vibrated through her from the simple touch and she glanced up at Dino, only to find him scanning the small café, apparently unaware of the molten lust now shivering through her bloodstream.


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Lee Anne Jones is the more romantic alter-ego of USA Today Bestselling Author Leighann Dobbs. As Jones, she writes heart thudding romantic suspense guaranteed to keep you up all night.
She lives in the lakes region of New Hampshire with her fishing obsessed husband, her feisty and loyal chihuahua and a cat that thinks she's the boss.




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