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Friday, February 12, 2016

Blog Tour: Faceless Fear by Marla Josephs

Blog Tour ~ Faceless Fear


Marla Josephs

Feb 5th - Feb 12th

Alyssa Wayne woke up with a start. She lay there holding her breath, listening intently to the quiet. After a tense moment, she let out her breath, relaxed, and was just about to turn over when she heard a soft scratching noise. The next sound she heard had her sitting straight up in bed. She was certain it was the click of the front door. She sat paralysed with fear at the certainty that someone had just entered her apartment. She was equally certain that it wasn’t her roommate.




Faceless Fear has some interesting characters and some exciting situations and relationships. This book is well into the series and while it stands alone, I will be going back to read some of the other character/couples stories. It would make their business and lives understood more quickly, although all of your questions will be answered.

Lela and Jordan are normal human with a gift (telepathy) and super human with many gifts. They are in a protection security type business with the family Alexander. Lots of family, lovers, spouses and serious situations. While this story starts out as a body guard of the daughter of a famous attorney it is...well you need to read to find out the rest of the story. You've probably heard of a well oiled machine, this groups is just that. Their skills and abilities work with the other teammates to be an unbeatable force. This book will keep you turning the pages for more answers and you'll likely get more questions first.

The steam is steamy and some of the relationships difficult and some just good to see a couple so happy and together. Read on to find out about these strong women, human or more, and the strong guys around them. Even the supers are guys that you love and love to hate, but they are all hot and irresistible. 

I was provided an ARC for an honest review.

~ Cheri, WTMO Reviewer ~

Marla Josephs leads a busy life in Northern California with her husband and children. When everyone in the family isn't working or studying hard they are traveling and playing hard. She is an avid reader, and post reviews of her favorites on a review site with other reviewers, http://thenextgreatreadbookreview.blo...

Now that her kids are older, she is very excited to be able to finally put her writing front and center. She's released several books in her Alexander Ranch series. She also adding to her Reluctant series.



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