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Thursday, September 7, 2017



For the first time ever, #Distrust by T.L Smith is #Free!!!
Make sure to grab your copy of this HOT mafia romance today!
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She was a ghost, in heels.
She was there, then she wasn’t.
She would play with my emotions like a well-played guitar.
Then she would disappear. Making me want to strangle her.
Maybe she wasn’t a ghost, maybe she was the giver of sin. Because we sinned every time we touched, every time she was near.
Her lips were shaped like a heart, deceiving you at every word.
Her body was created straight from my fantasies, one I craved to bend to my will.
Her heart, well, who the hell knew. She kept that shit locked tight.
And I couldn’t find the key.
★The Series★
Book #1: Distrust (FREE)
Book #2: Disbelief
Book #3: Defiance
Book #4: Dismissed (Pre-Order)

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