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Friday, February 3, 2017

⭐ Series Tour: Higher Elevation Series by Renee Regent ⭐

Series: Higher Elevation Series
Titles: Unexplained, Untouched, & Undeniable
Author: Renee Regent
Genre: Paranormal Romance


“The Higher Elevation trilogy will delight fans of mystery and romance alike.”   ~NYT Bestselling Author Annabel Joseph

When it comes to love, some things just can’t be explained….
A skeptical reporter who witnesses the unbelievable…
It’s the late 1970’s, and tenacious journalism student Sarah McKenn doesn’t believe the rumors of strange happenings in her small college town of Fort Winston, Colorado. But a supernatural event she experiences while chasing down a story for her school's newspaper leaves her questioning everything. In her quest for understanding, she meets and falls for Chris, the only man she believes can help her unravel the truth.
A psychology student determined to prove his psychic talents are real…
Christian Levine is on the cusp of a bright future as a research psychologist when he agrees to participate in a secret experiment at the request of his mentor. Though it’s the perfect opportunity to prove his psychic abilities, the project turns deadly when Chris discovers the real motivation of the man in control of it all. Chris is forced to choose between his own freedom or saving the lives of his mentor and Sarah─the woman he loves.
A bond that transcends all boundaries…
The chemistry between Sarah and Chris surprises them—a soul-filling passion and a deep psychic connection neither thought possible. Can they discover what their bond means before their lives are ripped apart?

Despite her misgivings, she knew she was falling in love with him and that scared the crap out of her. He was complicated, and was probably leaving the state next year, to go back to New York or wherever his career would take him. She could not afford to be distracted and definitely did not want to have her heart broken. And frankly, this psychic thing between them scared her a little, too. Pulling away from him was the sensible thing to do, and only way she could protect herself. But he kept showing up, and ruining her resolve in the process. She felt his eyes on her while folding her clothes, but he said nothing. When the task was done, she looked up at him, trying to find a way to get him to leave without hurting his feelings. Instead, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Well, one kiss won’t hurt, but after that, he has to go.

 Unexplained is the first in a three book series. I understood a little more when reading as I read the last book first. I recommend reading them in order for the most enjoyment—and they are enjoyable reads. 

Sarah is a journalist student who meets Chris while on a story with her best friend, Zack. She doesn't believe in those things “Unexplained”, however, the rumors make her reporter's nose twitch and she has to investigate. The feelings and relationship that developed are certainly “Unexplained.”
Their connection is far beyond the normal feelings between a man and a woman. Chris is interested in paranormal studies about man and his connections to others. The connection between the two is hot and much more. There is mystery, some danger, pain, and a wealth of character study. 

A great start to the series.
Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

Love isn’t always what it seems to be…..when you are living in the past
When you can’t believe what you see…
In the summer of 1978, photographer Zac Daley is the only one who sees a young woman in the lake, crying for help. When she shows up in his photos, and begins sending him cryptic messages, he must find out why. 
When you don’t believe what you’re told…
Amanda Bresky has not given up on Zac, even though her parents have forbidden her to see him. They can’t see past his long hair and hippie clothes, and even Zac himself has told her they aren’t a good match. He wants no part of a relationship, and thinks they should just remain friends. But she is determined to break through to his heart, whatever it takes. 
When the truth is buried in the past…
Zac’s interest in the mysterious girl in the lake becomes an obsession when she appears, demanding he deliver a message for her. With Amanda’s help, he sets out to solve the mystery, but at a cost neither of them could foresee. Haunted by his own past, Zac is determined to leave Fort Winston, Colorado as soon as possible─but a wayward ghost and a certain hot-blooded redhead are tempting him to stay.

His hands roamed her body, feeling every curve. He wanted to absorb her into his skin, become one with her. Touching her was not enough. He couldn’t find the usual words of protest, did not have the willpower to push her away this time. He knew she wanted to be his, and he wanted to be hers. Logic and reason had no place here, and for the first time, he knew it was meant to be. She pulled away, her lips swollen and reddish-pink. “Please Zac, let me stay this time. Don’t push me away.” He responded by flipping her over, onto her back. He laced his hands

in hers. “I won’t. I’ll never send you away again.” And then he kissed her, pouring his overflowing feelings into every touch. It was as though a damn had burst, and he surprised himself with how deeply he felt it. But for now, he only wanted to make exquisite love to her, so no matter what happened later, she would never forget him, her first lover.
Book Two in the three book series features Zack, Sarah's best friend from book one. He is still not convinced that paranormal things actually happen, even after his experience with Sarah. Then something happens to him. He alone sees the lady in the lake—and--she starts communication with him. Amanda, another friend, wants to move out of the friend zone and into more. Zack doesn't plan on a relationship. Amanda is interested in Zack despite his hippy appearance and her mother's strong disapproval. If you can't beat them (talk him into a real relationship) join him. Amanda moves to help solve his mystery. 

Zack is in for some surprises and battles. Fighting the stubborn Amanda, all right gorgeous doesn't make his pursuit of the truth easier. During his experiences with the Lake Lady, his past haunts him as well. Will this whole experience change his beliefs? Will Amanda win out? Another reading experience from Ms. Regent. 
Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

Can an undeniable bond transcend time and distance?

When the past seems brighter than the future…
It’s 1986─seven years since Christian Levine last heard from his lost love, Sarah McKenn. When an opportunity arises to leave his crumbling life in California and return to Fort Winston, Colorado, he hopes to rekindle more than memories. If he can find Sarah again, he plans to prove to her their psychic soul connection was more than just a phase two college kids went through.

When the future will save you from your past…

Sarah McKenn is about to leave Fort Winston, moving to Sedona, Arizona for a career opportunity she can’t pass up. She and her daughter Sophie are looking forward to their new adventure, but when two men come back into Sarah’s life at the same time, she has to decide whether to face the secrets of her past, or embrace her future and never look back. 
When your life is no longer your own….
Sarah knows she must do what is best for her daughter, but can she ignore the explosive chemistry and weird psychic connection she still has with Chris? Or will her unresolved past destroy her chance for love, and a new life?

He pulled her to him, devouring her mouth with his own. Words still weren’t enough, and he needed her like a drug. Her arms came around his neck, and she kissed him back, making a small sound of desire. His arousal became evident and he pressed against her, backing her up against the counter. Her fingers were entwined in his hair. She pulled him to her hard, and he felt her teeth against his tongue. His need for her was crashing over him in tidal-wave fashion, but somewhere in his mind he knew he had to stop. She pulled her lips away from his, her breath ragged.

“We have to stop. Sophie…”
He was kissing his way down her neck. “I know…God, Sarah, I can’t take it much longer...I need you.”
Pushing on his chest with her hands, she brought him back to cold reality. She slipped away from him just as Sophie returned to the kitchen.
“Mamma, can I watch cartoons?”
As she followed her daughter into the other room, he stood there in the kitchen, still breathing hard. The heat between his legs was dissipating, his heart returning to a normal beat. The craving, the need…that wasn’t going away anytime soon, if ever.
What a great read! This was a real people, living real lives, with real problems. Not millionaires, not CEO's, or models. Here we have grown ups with a history together and apart. College lovers, Chris and Sarah, ended their long-distance relationship during her ordeal with her mother going through cancer treatments and eventually losing the battle. Alone, having imbibed too much in her sorrow, she ended up a single mother. Chris is trying to move on after a divorce and the financial mess his ex had left. The funeral of a mutual college professor brings them back together.

The reunion is not an immediate renewal of old feelings. They each had to deal with the breakup, where they were now in their lives, and if there really was a chance. I was unable to put it down. I read it from start to finish finding their situations so real and their feelings honest. The loyal friends, clean up of some issues and renewing their feelings was honest, and a breath of fresh reading. I really wondered how Chris would resolve his situation before attempting to take on a family. I wondered who her daughter's father was and how he would interfere in their lives. Would her friends who had stood by her bless a renewed love life? How would darling little old soul Sophie feel about Chris?

Lots of problems, a little psychic ability, and some great characters. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. A strong recommend.
Reviewed for Words Turn Me On.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Renee Regent spent most of her life writing for business. But she never lost her love of writing stories, especially romance, science fiction, and fantasy. She’s always been fascinated with the science of how the universe works, but equally entranced by the unexplained. Being an incurable romantic, she now writes stories about the power of love, with a supernatural twist. Her stories feature psychics, witches, ghosts and ordinary people who do extraordinary things.
Renee, a California native, lives in Atlanta with her husband, three cats and four turtles. When not working or writing, she can be found sitting on her deck enjoying nature. Wine may or may not be involved….
A member of Georgia Romance Writers and the Georgia Writer’s Association, Renee also loves blogging and sharing her ideas on the business side of being an author, trends in fiction, and tips she has learned in her writing journey.


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