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Thursday, February 7, 2019

πŸ’€¸.•´πŸ’€ New MC Release ~ Calm's Storm by CM Genovese πŸ’€¸.•´πŸ’€

Calm's Storm
(Razorblade Tumbleweeds MC Book 1)
CM Genovese
312 Pages
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The heart revs harder with gasoline in the veins.

Tesla’s love for dancing runs deeper than her toleration of her father’s MC lifestyle. That’s why she left the Razorblade Tumbleweeds motorcycle club in the first place. The academy seemed like her best bet, but all that fire in her heart and hatred in her soul keeps her dancing in a fit of rage instead of elegant grace. Realizing she can’t escape her past, she heads home to try and face all the heartache she thought she’d left behind.

Link is the new President of his MC. It’s been years since Tesla, the princess to the Razorblade Tumbleweed throne, stomped out of his world on her way to dance for fancy rich folks under bright spotlights. Of course, when things didn’t work out, she headed home. Now, not only does he need to harness all those hidden desires, he also has to help her with her new strip club idea, which means pissing off the locals, the cops, a rival MC, and some sick and twisted reverend from a religious cult. 

Rye is about to turn eighteen, and in his religious community of Red Chapel, that means he can start to choose his wives. Life seems good until he finds out the young woman he loves more than anything in the world is betrothed to The Reverend, their sadistic religious leader with an insatiable appetite for power, pain, and pleasure. His only escape seems to be that ruthless band of outlaws he’s always been warned about. If he can only convince Grace to join him and Link to accept him.

Bikers, strippers, and religious zealots collide to create the Calm’s Storm.

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70 customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

“How do you make a MC HEA mix with a slightly gore-ish horror story work? Just ask CM Genovese. I've read MC books and there is violence and blood and bad people doing bad things. Then there is this book. The secondary story line is so twisted it's brilliant how they come together.” - Verified Purchase


“This is absolutely an MC romance, but with a twist that only Chris Genovese could make fit!
Written in 3 povs there is a lot going on in this book!” 
~ Verified Purchase


Wow. Just ~ wow. I am completely blown away and captivated by this new MC writer and his new series. LOVED IT!!! I’m hooked and will definitely be following this new series. ~ Verified Purchase


“Calm’s Storm” is a tantalizing, page turning tale full of danger, forbidden love and religious fanatics. The men are sexy, lethal and menacing, while the women are beautiful, passionate and independent. 
~ Verified Purchase


Tesla and Linc's story goes back to her early teens. With her father the Prez of the MC and her mother a druggy, he felt compelled to watch out for her. As she grew older their feelings changed. Just as she was old enough for a possible relationship she left for dance academy.

Linc hated that she left, however, he continued to rise in the club eventually to president. After her father's death, she returned for a short visit. She still had her crush but his treatment and number of women in and out of his room turned her away. She still wanted him but not this way.

Linc wanted her as well but wasn't about to let her know. This goes on through over half of the book.
He is busy trying to clean up the club and go legal. She's turning her rejected dance talent to one that pays by opening a club.

Throughout the story, we meet and fall for Rye. He has grown up in a cult led by "The Reverend" filled with charisma and the ability to make his people fear him giving him total control. Rye loves Grace who is suddenly scheduled to be the Reverend's next wife, one of many. Rye wants to get her away but where will he go? Will the MC take them in?

There is plenty to keep Linc busy besides his feelings for Tesla. New businesses with their own problems. Another MC encroaching and much more. You'll have more than enough to keep you tied to the book and characters Fun and tough guys and gals to provide more for future books.

I like the characters. It took a long time for Tesla and Linc to finally try it together. I felt some choppiness with a lot of things happening seemed to end abruptly without follow-through. Still, the guys are loyal and womanizing MCers. There are romance and steam galore. Violence and villains. The start of a new exciting MC series.

Reviewed for Words Turn Me On


f you are looking for a safe read? This is not your book.
This book is down right dangerous, it is raw, dark, gritty, extreme, steamy.

Begins with two dual stories, intertwining becoming one.
POV from, Link, Tesla and Rye..

Writing so vividly you see a mental picture, as you turn each page.

The story keeps you on the edge, until the very end...

Reviewed for Words Turn Me On

Chris Genovese is a male romance and erotica author who often writes from the female perspective. He has a passion for writing sensual tales that take the average woman (or man) and place them in erotic positions. Life isn't prude so why should we be? If you're under the age of 18, or if you get offended easily, please don't purchase these books. If you're ready to be entertained, aroused, and brought to emotional climax then please do.

Carver Pike is my darker, more twisted alter ego . Where Chris tends to write erotic comedies, poetry, and other fun but sexy tales, Carver likes to stick a knife in it and wiggle it around. If you're looking for horror and dark fantasy with an erotic twist, you've come to the right man. Who new scary could be so sexy?

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