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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Release Day Blitz - Wayward Trouble by K. Renee

Wayward Trouble rdb

Wayward Trouble Ebook

Wayward Trouble
Book 5 in the Wayward Saints MC Series
Cover Photo by Shauna Kruse of Kruse Images and Photography: Models and Boudoir
Cover Model: Tyler White
Cover Design: KLa Boutique


Jase Insico Being a twin sucks. Watching my brother’s slowly fall in love sucks even worse. One party and things change; no not like Brantley’s story, our story is different. Just like the girl I fell in love with while she was under my protection. I made a lot of mistakes with her, but then again I wouldn’t take any of them back if the outcome would have been any different. She was worth everything I had to go through. She was trouble with a capital T, but I wouldn’t change one minute with her. Wynter Larsen I never expected to get caught sneaking into some guys apartment. Truth be told, I’m glad I did. I found the man of my dreams even if I didn’t believe it for myself for a while. Jase wasn’t like everyone else. He believed me and protected me no matter the cost. He went up against his own family and the man who had been after me for weeks. He was my saving grace and I could never thank him enough for what he did.  

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Jason “Jase” Insico is the twin brother of Brantley Insico from the first Wayward Saints book. He is also the son of the MC’s VP. Over the last few years, he has watched one brother after another fall, in love that is. But to him there isn’t really a difference falling in love or falling from a bullet. He knows he will never be a one-woman man, although there is a small part of him that is jealous of what Brantley and Anslie have. 

Ms. Renee has built an interesting cast of characters in her 6 book series (1.5 is a novella). Both the President and the Vice President of the MC have a large family, four boys each and the President has a daughter too. This makes it tricky to keep everyone straight at times. But since they all grew up together, they are more like an all boy version of Eight is Enough. In this book, Jase and Wynter fall in love incredibly fast, not my favorite plot but it, is fiction so I will overlook it. I see progress in Ms. Renee’s writing, but her characters still seem like they are trying TOO hard to be bad ass, again, it is fiction so I try to overlook it. I certainly like the series enough to have read the first 6 and will continue to follow this group of antiheroes on their journey. I give this book 3.5 stars with 3 hands down the pants. 

"They both stare at me with huge a$ eyes. I don't think I stuttered."

~ Donna, WTMO Reviewer ~

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About the Author:
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K. Renee is from sunny, California. Creative by nature, she decided to put her imagination to paper. K. Renee is an avid reader. During the day she works in an office and at night she writes. These stories have been in her head for years and are finally coming out on paper.

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