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Monday, November 2, 2015

Release Blitz, A Rude Awakening Love & Lies (Book 1) by Jessa Ely

Release Blitz:
A Rude Awakening
Love & Lies (Book 1)
Jessa Ely

Oct. 26th - Nov. 2nd

Book Blurb:

Savannah Deason has made her workaholic status a life choice,opting out of anything resembling a relationship. The feisty, sarcastic VP atMerrick Industries enjoys her single life, yet a hot night out on the townlands her hung over in bed with a tattooed hunk of sin. Her mind can't acceptthat he was only a luscious hookup, and nothing more. He now has a name to gowith his sexy face and hard, bunched muscles.

Mega-successful Hexon James Montgomery is anything but average—and doeseverything in life with casual skill, leaving women with damp panties in hiswake. He's the CEO of MK Steel and has a piss-poor attitude about women untilhe meets Savannah. She obliterates his loner existence and challenges hisheart, twisting his distorted perceptions into a thing of beauty and teachinghim how to love.

Since Jessa's debut novel, Desperate Whispers, you’llfind her writing her heart out each day in her little part of the world. Sheloves coffee and cupcakes. Shoes and purses. Tends to Google way too much andthinks tattoos are awesome. She loves all kinds of music and her heart meltswhile watching rescue dog videos, often crying when misery turns into a realhappily ever after. She believes in the happiness of her characters and givingher readers a satisfying ending.


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